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This movie was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

Da Boyz over at Marvel – Movie Style have outdone any previous attempts that I have seen for a comic book movie. The Batmans don’t hold a candle. X-Men nadda. Stan Lee and the rest of the crew did a damn good job keeping it real (or as real as you an get for a comic world movie). The storyline held true to the meaning of Spider-Man. They took creative liberties with only a few aspects and the biggest one a lot of Spider-Man fans (especially from more recent series) probably won’t know. For those that care: The make Spider-Man actually create the web from his body, not from the webshooters. In truth though that isn’t emphasized much in the comics anymore.

Casting is great. All the actors do a good job playing their roles and making them come to life. The only somewhat comic book looking character is J. Jameson and that is only because of that funky haircut. Parker/Spider-Man is played well both by the actor and the CGI. Mary Jane is slamming and Osbourne/the Goblin is played quite well though his face is somewhat blocked with the mask.

The movie is action packed, but still has its comedic moments as well as the love aspects. The Bugle scenes are especially funny. Props to J. Jameson for not giving away his reporters and photographers. Spidey’s quipts are good as well, though there are a couple places were it is kinda hard to hear them. The essence of the Spider-Man character is kept alive and shown off, which I think is lost in other comic book movies like the Batmans. None of the actors and screenplays for them really brought the character to life and showed all the sides to Batman that there were in the comics, but that is not the case in this movie.

Go see this movie! I hope they have already started on the sequel. I also hope that this grinds Lucas’s crap into the ground. This movie makes the Phantom Menace look like a High School graduation movie done by the Drama club. Other than the fact that the name will bring in more people this movie should kill Episode II and I hope that it does.

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