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Adventure LVL 5 The Lost Blade

lvl-5-the-lost-blade This set of encounters went pretty well with our group.  There were a few hitches, but everyone made it through alive and only one of the group really had any chance of dying.  I have talked to a couple … Continue reading

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DnD 4e

For the last year or so I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition with some people around here. It started out as some of my friends just needing a person to fill in, but became an almost weekly … Continue reading

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Teleyapper Web Script

i have been setting up the Teleyapper Nerdvittles Script at work on our Asterisk server and was really surprised that there was no web interface for putting entries into it.  Since they recommended using phpadmin to enter numbers and I … Continue reading

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JVC GR-DV500U USB Driver

I thought I had already put this up here, but a search didn’t show it.  If you need the USB drivers for it here is a set. jvc_gr-dv500u_xp

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More Julie Pics and additions to the sidebar

I uploaded some new pictures of Julie from this spring. Julie’s First Spring Some of my favorites: There are also some new quick ways to get to the pictures.  On the right there are some new blocks.  The first one … Continue reading

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Be most you are Engrish today!

It seems like here at work we have quite a little collection of Engrish examples. Lamar brought this one in the other day and I thought I would share. Engrish Remote Manual

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99.9% Uptime?

We have been moving parts of the district over to a central VoIP phone switch located in our office at the Board of Education. It does put a importance on our servers staying up since if they are down the … Continue reading

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Firmware files for a Digium TE220 with Hardware Echo Cancellation

We recently got a TE220 with onboard Hardware Echo Cancellation from for the price gouging cost of $1,150. OCT6114-64D.ima OCT6114-128D.ima I was all excited since we have had lots of reports of echo on our lines and I was … Continue reading

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Hell is cooler than Heaven

Taken from <Nukleon> the greek “hell” was cold <Nukleon> like the norse <@amz> the christian hell is also pretty cold, compared to its heaven <Nukleon> uh <Nukleon> wut? <Nukleon> heaven is bliss <@amz> it has liquid sulfur in it, … Continue reading

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Working for the Post Office

USPS this one is for free. All I ask is that someone from there posts a comment here saying it was a good idea. I have a new system for you that will increase your good will from your residential … Continue reading

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