…Had a Thanksgiving Dinner that couldn’t be beat…

Ok first thing first. Two cool points to anyone that comes up with the song that snippet is from.

Now on with the show….

Ahhh a four day weekend. Seems to be the first in a long time, and perhaps the most invigorating in a while as well. Wednesday night was dinner of Chicken and Rice with the (including ). One of my favorites only made better by the attendance of P. Thursday we awoke at 5 and began a trip to Indiana. Despite all the hoopla traffic was decent and I think I was a fairly nice ride. I got through some more of the Lord of the Rings (which I am re-reading, Damn Movies!!!) on the way there. We had Thanksgiving with Grandma, which was awesome. Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked beans, turkey and noodles, salad, rasberry cobbler, stawberry shortcake, and pecan pie were all served there. Though I felt full several times it was all just to good to stop eating. We played some games of aggrevation and had a good time. The next morning we headed to Nana’s and spent some time with her. We then headed back and got home about 8:30 on Friday.

After some discussion with Lamar and Pauline it was decided that we would head to early on Saturday. It was mainly to go to a computer show that was going on there but P saw it as a chance to get to the mall in as well. We spent a fair amount of time at the computer show with Lamar and his friends looking at stuff. There was a lot of stuff there that would be cool to have, but the fact that I am somewhat without a project, coupled with having spent all my cash on brakes for my car, all I came home with was a microATX size case to build my Tivo box out of. We then headed over to Consumer Depot (the BigLots of computers) where they had a docking station for Gears that I promptly forgot to pickup.

Lamar headed back to BG and P and I headed to Rivergate Mall. We spent about an equal amount of time there and P got lots of chances to look at the stuff that she wanted. We came back to BG around 5 and headed to O’Charley’s where we were told that there was about a 25 minute wait. An hour and 20 minutes later, we got seated. P mentioned this to the waiter and the gave us free apetizers, dessert and our sweet tea, leaving us to only pay for the one entree, which we actually split. I left the waiter a fairly nice tip to thank him for working on getting all of that free.

Today was a day of rest that let me work on the beginning of learning how to make a Tivo box and just general testing of various junk. I feel rested and well, though as I write this I feel a mild headache working in the background that I am wondering about.

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