Time Splitters 2 – XBOX

If you had talked to me a week ago, I would have told you how stupid and un-fun time splitters is. How the controls are crappy and how it makes HALO look like the best game ever. Well if you ask me now, I would still say that HALO is probably better, but the mode does a lot to help the game out.

The controls for the game have every problem that everyone said HALO would have, but didn’t. Hard to choose a weapon, odd aiming system, no fine grained control.

What it does have though is more of a strategy angle than HALO and there is no such thing as repetitive in this game since every mission is in a different time and thus it is completely different from every other.

The aspects of the game help it out and are very replay-able. You have team warfare angles that you can play even by yourself with computer players on your team. I am dreaming of setting down to do something like this with some real people in the future. Virus games and several different types of games go a long way toward giving you something to do instead of getting pissed at some of the levels. If you liked the run and gun aspects of HALO then you need to stick with the arcade games, because the missions in this game are often times centered around sneaking and hiding.

All in all a game that will draw you back because there is such potential and you hope that it is just around the corner of the game.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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