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I am currently Network Administrator for Edmonson County Schools. There I work on all kinds of things including, but by far not limited to: Windows XP, 2000, Server 2003 and 2008, Linux, Nortel Switches and Routers, Enterasys Switches, every brand of computer there is, Exchange 2003, McAfee Antivirus Suite (Groupshield, Netshield, VirusShield, EPo), ISA server, DHCP servers, DNS servers,Cable Television, Network Design and Enhancement, web pages, SAMBA, shell scripting, Asterisk, Zoneminder, OCS NG, MythTV, Backups, Wireless Networking, and just about anything else.

I am currently most interested in MythTV and Asterisk, both because of work, and because that is what I am messing with at home. I have a mythbackend server running with three frontends setup. Each frontend does commercial flagging so that we very rarely watch commercials anymore. I record lots of things from the local over the air channels using an HDHomerun, and we record things from the satellite channels using a DirecTV receiver.

I have built an Asterisk server for the school district, and we are migrating buildings over to it over time. At home, I am working with Asterisk to possibly integrate it with our cell phones so that we no longer have to worry about our signal with them, can answer them with our house phones, and use them for long distance.

On June 20, 2007, Pauline and I had our first child, Julie. We have been watching her grow since then. We all live just inside Edmonson County in Kentucky in a house that Pauline and I have owned since December, 2004.

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