Well as usual I have spent little time writing in this so I now I have to catch everyone up. First has cut my legs out from under me while praising something that I created. I gave my speech on SMess and it seemed to go over well, but because my boss did not tell his boss and the people above him it became a political battle in Bloomington. One which I got punished because my boss screwed up. His logic was that if I wasn’t doing anything with linux then I wouldn’t be creating things that got him in trouble and thus he has told me to remove linux from everything at our center. It is made more interesting by the fact that during the presentation that I gave his boss stated that he didn’t care if I had linux machines at the center. So I am somewhat displeased over that. On to other topics though… I have since solidified Diablo from its state of limbo to a linux machine with a fairly nice setup. Several things have helped me to do this. First I picked up a copy of Railroad Tycoon (for Linux, by Loki) at Best Buy for 9 bucks and I am thoughly enjoying it. Second, the first of my hard drives that went defective came back and I have placed that in there to allow for more space. This has made me feel more comfortable with the machine. I also moved the ATI Radeaon card that I had back into since I am not running windows I don’t have to worry about the buggy for it. Diablo finally lies in the state that I planned for it from the start. This leaves a couple things though. When I first built Diablo into what I am calling Version 1.8 the hard drive crashed and I purchased a new one. Later it crashed and I decided to send both of the messed up ones in to the respective companies. Now one is back and the other is on the way. Which means I will have a 60 Gig hard drive extra for the machines. Not particularly a bad problem, but an interesting one no the less. Also Just today I finished Halo on the normal level, so I am off to find some of the cool stuff in it to replay.

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