Streaks and Geeks

So for a while now I have been suffering through my job at AFNI, with little to do and less to think about. So I started reading some different material (I will talk about this in another post) and that has sort of jump started my brain a little. I picked up some documentation on iptables (firewalling tools) and started working through it. I dropped this though as the How-To that I am looking at is formated wrong for my learning style. So I started working on Diablo to make him better. I realized that I hadn’t tried the second IDE controller that the board had under Linux so I started messing with that. I had to pick up an auxillery power supply from some old dell machine to power all of the drives. So then I had 4 hard drives in but they were all different sizes and that was annoying. Having remembered some stuff I read I picked up some docs for LVM (Logical Volume Manager) for Linux and I read through it. Picked it up pretty nice and started working on it. I probably wouldn’t have been able to focus on it much except for I dug up some KMFDM mp3s and started jamming. In the end I now have one drive of 47 gigs and one virtual drive of 87 gigs. This drive is composed of a 60g, a 17g, and a 10g drive. I have been working on getting some GUI type programs to work so that I can get some screen shots of this for those that want a graphical idea of what it looks like. This is a perfect example of the streaky-ness of my life and moods. A couple of weeks ago I was in a depression and now I am feeling pretty good. I think it is because there are a couple potential jobs on the horizion that I would be willing to get out of AFNI for. Hopefully they will come in and I can be back to my happy go lucky self.

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