More money for BushCo

Not to be outdone by Chaney, Rumsfeld wanted in on some action too.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Obviously somebody is going to get paid big for something like this, but this looks really bad. This doesn’t seem like an administration so much as it does a back-scratching circle.

  2. noneofus says:

    First there was the scare tactic that came as a warning from Bush that went, “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a nuclear cloud!” concerning Iraq’s WMD.

    Now, it’s a ‘chicken flu pandemic’ they’re trying to use to change the subject.

    Their form of government is based entirely on fear.

  3. maxx says:

    Oh come on, this is ridiculous.
    Avian Flu originated in China. There is no way that you are going to try and pin this one on BushCo. The report says that Rumsfeld owned stock in Gilead, and they are the makers of Tamiflu, and that his stock ownership has predated this so called outbreak. Just like SARS, Avian Flu will end up being a big hue-and-cry over nothing.
    Look,, the point of capitalism and the free market is that we can all purchase stock in companies. I own stock in Gilead as well. By your assumption, -I- am equally responsible for this profiteering as much as Rumsfeld?

    I expect the weekly Bush bashing from you, but pandering to this kind of bullshit reporting is a bit much. So Rummy owns stock.. so what? So do lots of people, and probably a lot more in terms of volume than he does. You can do so too. Buy stock in cable contractors and timber manufacturers, for example, and you’ll profit off of Katrina and the gulf coast storms. Buy stock in Oil companies and you’ll benefit off the gulf war and Alaska drilling. And these are just the obvious trends.
    If people are stupid enough to believe they will get the bird flu and buy up the stock of Tamiflu as a result, I blame -the media- (Yes, your friends on the Left) before I blame Rumsfeld’s profiteering plans- for making such a big story out of it.

  4. Brent says:

    The difference between you and I owning stocks is we are not part of the decision making process. Just like us owning stocks in Haliburton isn’t a big deal, because we don’t decided to give them millions in goverment money.

    BushCo is tossing money to its contributors and its interests. That is the problem. That isn’t capitalism, that is wrong. It is more wrong when it doing that hurts people. The misconception that the media is a left entity is also wrong. That is just a scapegoat that rights use to act like martyrs.

  5. maxx says:

    So… by your logic, no one in any government position should be allowed to own stock in any company, or have any friends or relatives to talk to. This way we can guarantee there won’t be any undue influence on the process of the free market. Oh wait… that excludes virtually -all- the possible candidates.

    And yes, we -do- decide to give Halliburton millions in government money. We pay taxes, we elect leaders to represent us. The two things are intrinisically bound together.

    Nahh, the media is definitely pretty far left leaning. As a self-avowed Jon Stewart fan, I’m sure you caught the fracas that got Tucker Carlson booted after Jon called him a dick – on Carlson’s own show. There are numerous other examples from stories that can be read on a daily basis with this inherent bias. If you believe the media is unbiased, then I can’t help but be amused.

  6. Brent says:

    It isn’t my logic. It is a LAW. People that are in positions to make these choices are SUPPOSED to give up their stock options when they take office. Sadly no one in BushCo did. Instead they just say, “Well if that ever comes up, I promise that I won’t be involved in the process.” Which is exactly what Rummy did here, after the choice was made, AND their is no way to track if he isn’t telling the muppet, er, Bush to do what he wants anyway.

    No we don’t decide to give Halliburton millions. The jack asses in the white house do. No one elected Rummy to office. There is at least a decent argument that people didn’t elect BushCo to office at all. Of course there is also the argument that they entirely misrepresent themselves, of course I am sure that is somehow the poeple that they are lying to’s fault as well in your world.

    The media is not left. They are ambulance chasers. They reported as much bullshit about Clinton, Kerry, Gore and whatever else they can find. The only thing that is making them “Left” now is the fact that the right is in charge and acting like a bunch of fuck ups. You can’t help but seem leftist, when the right is doing everything wrong.

    There are plenty of “rightist” media jack asses out there too. Scarbrough, Limbaugh, O’Reily, Fox News, Carlson. The media is owned by corps now, and corps love the “right” because they let them do whatever they want. “The media” is the most right that it has ever been right now. That is why people are turning to bloggers and such to get their information, because it is the only way to get something that might be from a decent source.

  7. maxx says:

    I don’t know about that last paragraph… I actually like both Scarborough and Carlson – the latter being libertarian as opposed to conservative. Joe is a conservative for sure, but he has pretty sound arguments for his position. Even Bill Maher had to admit that Scarborough stays with the principle rather than with the team, and thats a pretty good compliment.

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