Newsweek, welcome to scapegoat land!

The government is demanding that Newsweek pay for their crimes. Are we honestly all of the opinion that they really made a mistake?

Ok, just looking at the reports from Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, I would say that the chances are damn good that someone actually did flush a Quran down a toliet. Has anyone offered up proof that they didn’t? The government offers up a memo that says that the Quran should be treated a specific way. Anyone have any real proof that it wasn’t written last week after they realized the shit storm they were in? Newsweek retracted the article. Does anyone think maybe that is because they were under a lot of pressure to do so?

Look, this is a version of the government and president that have shown before that they really don’t care that much about things that aren’t American and Christian. Does it seem that far fetched to think that perhaps they authorized use of whatever means needed to get the information they wanted? Even less than that doesn’t it seem possible that they turned their collective heads from any violations that might have been going on in order to get the information they wanted? With all the books that are coming out about the prison scandals, I don’t see how the current administration can act like they don’t know what is going on.

I can’t argue the point that the riots caused by this article are a good thing. People getting hurt is rarely a good thing, but the fact that stuff like this is coming out, I think is a good thing. The government is violating people’s rights and stepping on people’s beliefs and people need to know about it. I think Newsweek did a good thing by getting this out and honestly I don’t think they did anything wrong. We need more reporters that are willing to go out and find information instead of just spewing out the press releases that the administration puts out.

Next time the people in the top ranks go to do something that is morally/legally wrong, maybe the fact that they might get caught will hold a little more fear for them. Maybe the fact that they will help the “Terrorists” to win will make them do the right thing.

Personally, I can’t wait for Rummy to get in front of congress again and forget his chart about how it isn’t his fault this time.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I’m leaning towards believing that this did happen, but I’m undecided. Negatives are impossible to prove, so the idea that the US should prove that they didn’t desecrate anything is flawed. Here’s my take on the whole thing. We’re Americans. As such, we claim to strive toward higher ideals and nobler actions than the people who perpetrated the awful events of 9/11. To treat prisoners like animals and stomp on the sacred things they hold dear only serves to bring us down to the level of terrorists. Reasonable Muslims are justifiably angry about this. We’re spitting in the faces of people we need on our side.

    I’m not saying we should turn Abu Ghraib into the Guantanamo Hilton, only that we should treat prisoners with respect and dignity as long as their actions warrant it.

  2. Noneofus says:

    The reason the ‘detainees’ are placed at Guantanamo is, the US Govt. doesn’t want them to have rights they are entitled to here in the USA.

    From the reports I have heard, it sounds like it happened, the reports have quoted written orders, detailing where the Quran should and should not be placed, one of the places was described as “not near a toilet”.

    But in the other sense, big deal, they burn our flag, so what if we flush their holy book?
    Both of those are just symbols, nothing exceptional, the fanatics are too emotionally charged.

  3. Brent says:

    I agree with the aspect of them just being symbols, I won’t even really argue about if it is wrong or right for them to desecrate in order to accomplish our goals.

    What I think is wrong is that the government is making this out to be like it was Newsweek’s fault when most likely it is the government’s fault and Newsweek just reported it.

    Instead of the government owning up to it, they are instead trying to pawn it off and pillory Newsweek in the public square as the reason that everyone is pissed at us.

  4. maxx says:

    Have you seen a copy of the Koran? Think ‘yellow pages’… that’ll give you an idea of the volume of this thing. Anyone try flushing a phone book down the toilet? Aside from the obvious, it seems like one hell of a plumbing nightmare – and would prove the durability of the Koran (and therefore of Islam) which would run counter to any such interrogation technique.
    “Innocent until proven guilty” is a tagline that most liberals used in conjunction with Iraq and the war – and yet, when it comes to a government controlled by conservatives, the tagline is reversed. That seems pretty hypocritical – which one is it?

  5. Brent says:

    Innocent until a large volume of pictures and stories from the two prisons show that they obviously don’t care about violating any moral standard and most laws to get their information.

    Stories like the interrogators wiping fake menstrual blood on thier prisoners and then turning the water off in thier cells so they couldn’t wipe it off, thus they were unclean and couldn’t pray.

    That story came from one of the guards that was there. The newsweek story came from a “previously VERY reliable source”. Why now all of the sudden is he not reliable?

    Throwing a book in the toilet and flushing it would have the same effect no matter if it went down or not.

    Your innocent until proven guilty argument is false, because the government didn’t have pictures of anyone with “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. They had pictures of really blurry things that could either be milk trucks or chemical trucks. They choose to believe the second, turns out it was the first.

    There is no doubt that the prisoners here have been abused. There are pictures and multi-person collaborated stories to show that. The topic is how the government is attempting to act like newsweek was the one that caused these problems.

    Essentially, “It is newsweek’s fault that everyone is pissed at us. It isn’t our fault, we didn’t tell them about all the evil shit we were doing. If it was up to us no one would know about it. It is their fault for telling people about it.”+

  6. maxx says:

    “…until a large volume of pictures and stories from the two prisons show that they obviously don’t care about violating any moral standard and most laws…”

    Yeah, I’m sorry – but there’s a huge difference between the generalization above and “hard evidence” – for example, a photo of the toilet clogged with the Koran (or a plumbers’ receipt for pulling a bug-crusher of a book out the john). Again- to reference Saddam’s WMD – every liberal pundit gave BushCo a bunch of grief about not finding ‘hard evidence’ and relying on generalizations like “well, he had production facilities”. And yet, in this case the very same people are perfectly willing to switch roles.
    My hypocrisy call stands.

  7. maxx says:

    As regards the torture-
    Unlike most politically correct bleeding hearts who want it both ways, I’m all for -more- of the same. If terrorists commit crimes “In The Name of Islam”, then it stands to reason that interrogators -should- denigrate “The Name of Islam”, for those specific people – whatever that entails. The Islam that the terrorists stand for and the Islam that peaceful civilians stand for are two completely different interpretations, and should have two completely different responses. I’d say that most people that think with their minds rather than their gut-instincts understand this simple fact.

    The people that riot and create chaos in the street in the wake of articles like that of newsweek are the sheep – easily led, no real information of their own, can’t wait to explode into activity of some sort. These people lump the Islam of radical fundamentalists with the Islam of the normal everyday muslim. And believe in “one reaction for everything” – which is violence and chaos. Yes, we can mollify such people, but lets instead ask why the onus of doing so is on us a country. A gut-instinct is to say “our religion has been demeaned by those American ba$%^&*!” Another reaction is to say “here are a group of people who have themselves denigrated the teachings of Mohammed, and who have therefore demeaned our religion MORE than the Americans – instead of giving them succor, we should let them face the consequences of their actions”.

    Fighting terror is a dirty business. And we face a choice – we can get dirty ourselves in the process of trying to clean it up, or choose to live with a filth that will one day consume us completely. Regardless of whether the allegations of Newsweek are true or false, I’m glad we have people in gBay doing the dirty work – and hopefully that DOES involve torture, because a swift death is too good for people that want to be martyrs; better for them to be slowly done to death with as much pain meted out as humanly possible.

  8. maxx says:

    And another thing – lots of moral outrage about Abu Ghraib. I’m afraid I don’t share that popular sentiment, and I’ll say so right now. A few stupid twenty-somethings from backwoods W.VA and E. KY decide to humiliate captured enemy combatants and take some photos which they share out via P2P and then get caught… it ain’t the end of the world. Lets get over it, just like we did with Clinton’s BJ.

  9. maxx says:

    Burning the flag is a legitimate political expression. Specifically- “…the Supreme Court (in Texas v. Johnson, 1984) held that the government may not prohibit the verbal or nonverbal expression of an idea merely because society finds the idea offensive or disagreeable, even where our flag is involved.”

    Burning religious texts (or attempting to flush them down the worlds strongest suction toilet) on the other hand seems a little more nebulous. If someone flushed the Journal of Scientology down the toilet, I’m guessing that Brent would be willing to buy the guy dinner – but God Forbid someone do that to the Koran! At the end of the day, all religions are indistinguishable from cults in their adherence to propaganda and dogmatic symbols. Flush ’em all; let the plumbers sort them out!

  10. Brent says:

    Again all that and missing the point. This point is that rather than own up to their problems the current administration would rather act like their is no problem and how dare anyone say that there is. Thus the continued assualt on newsweek rather than owning up to the problems that are happening because of them and fixing them.

    It is like being mad that someone calls you a dick, instead of being mad at yourself for being a dick.

  11. Brent says:

    Yeah sorry man, I don’t think you can option out on the fuck up of this current administration. No one on your “side” got over Clinton’s BJ as evidenced by the fact that he was impeached.

    I am in firm belief that before the end of our life information will come out about the horrible shit that this administration is doing. I am sure that it will make getting a BJ look like piddily shit.

    The only difference between the two administrations is one is really bad at hiding shit and the other isn’t. Of course the fact that one is really good at finding and parading things to the media and the other is really bad at it also doesn’t help.

    If you are going to honestly sit there at your keyboard and tell me that you REALLY believe that this shit isn’t happening, then I will also start expecting Santa Claus to register an account on here.

  12. maxx says:

    “This point is that rather than own up to their problems the current administration would rather act like their is no problem and how dare anyone say that there is.”

    You are generalizing. My point still stands.

    They (the administration) are bagging on Newsweek because they disagree with this -specific- story. They are not refuting everything else (Abu Ghraib, etc.) based on this one story. Therefore I don’t see how your point is valid.
    They have a (legitimate, imho) beef with Newsweek for printing an article that was based on no hard evidence. You may think there is, but it hasn’t come to light if indeed such exists.
    They are now raking Newsweek over the coals for that simple fact (the same way that other liberal media publications raked the administration over the coals for the lack of WMD evidence). That seems pretty fair to me.
    Just because they are wrong about one thing, doesn’t make it open season for them to be wrong about everything. There is a hapy medium here. Until real hard evidence is located of the Koran being flushed down the toilet, the administration should pursue Newsweek and its editors and hold them accountable for creating chaos to sell their rags.

  13. maxx says:

    “…No one on your “side” got over Clinton’s BJ as evidenced by the fact that he was impeached…”

    There’s only one person on “my” side – Me. And I got over it because… well, I was never “under it” in the first place. My only beef with Clinton was that he got a BJ from a butt-ugly woman, which tore to shreds the myth of the American President being the most powerful man in the world.
    And I’ve long since maintained that conservatives are being retarded when they bitch about him getting a BJ – and that they need to grow up, get out the bedroom, and move along.

  14. maxx says:

    “…the fuck up of this current administration…”

    Now thats a load of garbage. Terrorism didn’t “start” after the Republicans took control of the Presidency, as many liberals seem desperate to believe. The Democrats did nothing about the growing power of Bin Laden for the eight years than Clinton was in power, despite repeated CIA warnings to that effect. So I think there’s enough blame to go around to both political parties.
    And what would the “fuck up” be, exactly? Has there been another terroristic attack by islamic fundamentalists on US soil since 9/11/2001? Hmm, lets see… it is almost 9/11/2005, and the answer is “No”. Did they lose the Iraq war and not find Saddam? Hmm… nope. They shut down the Iraqis and brought Saddam here in chains and a long ratty beard. Did they fail to get intelligence from captured combatants in Iraq or Afghanistan? Nope. Got that stuff too. Did they fail to capture/kill 3 of the top 5 Al-Qaeda militants? Nope. Got them too.

    So I’d say that whatever they are doing, it seems to be working. If that means outsourcing the pain to the middle east, then that works for me.

    If you mean “Did they fuck up on the PR war?” then the answer is “Yes”. They definitely did a piss-poor job of winning popular support, and pulling the wool over the eyes of the average joe. Now here’s the thing – I don’t care about how many PR wars the government loses, as long as the win the -real- wars; the ones that can cost American citizens the “normalcy” that we take for granted. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing they fucked up on is the search for Bin Laden.

  15. Brent says:

    There is a lot more to the world than terrorism. There are a lot more things for this government to screw up then terrorism. There is a global reputation, peace, the economy, corporate accountablity, personal freedoms, copyright law, the enviroment. Terrorism, is only as important and they scare us into believing and right now they have talked most people into shaking in their boots.

    If the only thing that you think they have messed up is not finding Bin Laden, then you have been missing a lot of other stuff.

  16. maxx says:

    Is your personal life any worse under Bush than under Clinton? Didn’t think so.
    Amd so I’m not missing anything. Neither are you.

    As Bill Maher says… Americans spend too much time being morally outraged. Lets just get over it.

  17. Brent says:

    Do you not drive a car? Of course you don’t work with the school systems so you don’t know much about the retarded changes he has made here. I would think you would be effected by the airports, you can’t attribute all of that to 9/11. If we were more liked in the world things could be a little easier there. No one knows what MS would be like if Bush hadn’t called the dogs off of them.

  18. maxx says:

    Yes, I do drive a car. And I’m not bellyachin’ about the price of gas. If anything, we pay -too little- for gasoline, and not too much. Fly to any country outside of the USA, and you’ll find that gas prices are about six to seven times the cost they are out here. If we were serious about paying less for gas, then we’d stop buying SUVs and trucks and so on, and build and utilize more efficient transport and fuel infrastructure. But it won’t happen because we Americans love our cars.
    So the fact that gas prices happen to be higher than ever before doesn’t seem like a failing of the administration to me. In fact, I think the sooner gas prices get to $6/gal, the sooner the American consumer will demand alternate-energy driven vehicles and we will eliminate the fountainhead of terrorism in the middle east.
    And it strikes me as amusing that you pay -less- in gas and pollute -more- in the state of Kentucky, than I have the luxury of doing in California.

    I can’t speak about the school system- you’re right; I don’t know anything about that since I don’t work within it. But I don’t recollect seeing KY as having the best K12 education systems prior to Bush getting elected, so maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye.

    As regards airports… I haven’t been affected any more since 9/11 than I was before 9/11 – and I’ve flown… hell… at least three dozen flights since then, many of them international. Gate-rape is the same world around. I haven’t been ‘racially profiled’ or any of that. When they want to dig through my stuff, I let them rock on. I ain’t got nothing to hide, and it ain’t a big deal.
    Are the airports any safer? I have no clue. We’ll have to wait to see what gets hijacked next (and how) to figure that one out. Until then, they certainly “seem” safe.

    Who is MS? And what dogs were called off? Mohammed Saeed-al-shahaf (the ex-Iraqi ‘information minister’) was known as “MS”, and there’s obviously “Microsoft”… but neither of the two fit the discussion we’re having.

  19. maxx says:

    “There are a lot more things for this government to screw up then terrorism … global reputation, peace, the economy, corporate accountablity, personal freedoms, copyright law, the enviroment….”

    Yeah, but none of them have anything to do with this discussion, so stick to the subject. You complain that I change the argument, and here’s you doing the same thing. The “administrations’ position on the environment” and “newsweek article on alleged Koran desecration” are completely unrelated. And when you said “The fuck up of this administration”, it was within the context of the latter, and not the former.

  20. Brent says:

    All of them have to do with this discussion. They are all places that the government has messed things up and refuse to admit it. Besides you are the one that ask me how my life was worse. You didn’t ask me how my life was worse in regards to prisoner torture… or at least I hope you didn’t, because I would be worried if you thought my life had involved prisoner torture before.

    Gas prices. You ask me if my life was worse under Bush than Clinton, since I pay more for gas, then yes in that regard it is. Our prices in relation to anything else are irrelevant since that has nothing to do with my life, of which you were asking about. Acting like Bush and his oil buddies making more money is somehow good for the economy is a joke and trying to show that as a good point is sad. Bush’s latest speech stated that we need to rely less on foreign oil, not rely less on oil. See he really isn’t a big fan of people besides his Texas oil buddies getting oil money, if he can help it. He doesn’t care about the enviroment and lauding him as someone who does is an amazing feat of logic that you are probably going to have to draw out for me, if you want me to understand it. Also on a side note, I doubt that I pollute more than you given the fact that I drive less than 70 miles in the average week and only use roughly 10 gallons of gas per week. I have no traffic to sit in and drive slower 55 mph/65-70mpg on freeway (which is supposed to conserve gas).

    The regulations in the school system are sad and extremely underfunded. Not that it matters but before the Bush administration the KY schools were in the top 25 states. After Bush mandated legislation and decrease in federal funding, 45th I think. The two might not be tied together, but it seems likely.

    Airports… well since you ask how MY life was worse, I’ll leave this out since the only time I am in airports is to pick you up.

    Microsoft == MS; and Bush calling off the antitrust dogs has adversely effected my life, while all that was going on there was a chance that MS wouldn’t be the massive monopoly that it is. Instead Bush, told them to shape up and slapped them with a fine. Also of note, to date they have complied with less than 1/3 of the government’s “suggestions”.

    Also of note, the cost of living continues to rise. According to the mandate by the state of KY it rose 3% this year over last. That makes my life worse since I have to pay more for things.

    My taxes went up, despite Bush’s “Massive” tax break for the middle class.

    The standard of living has fallen so low in this area of Kentucky that I now have to deal with Meth awareness trainings, since it is easier to make meth and sell it than it is to find a job around here.

    I also have to deal with all the stupid fundamentalist christian bullshit that he he brought back for the previous election, and the “If you hate god, vote democrat.” crap that he has cause.

    Some of these are economy issues I know and your next argument will be that he inherited a crappy economy, but also he has had 4+ years to get things moving again, and yet everything continues on its downward slope.

    Also, if I hear another speech from him about “Saving Social Security” despite the fact that the number of people who actually care continues to slide into the low thirties, I think I am going to need some kind of medication, thus making my life during his “reign” worse again.

  21. Brent says:

    BUT if you would like to step back to the root story of all of this, that is fine.

    Why does Bush and CO. continue to act like Newsweek’s one story is the root of all the problems that we have with this group of people instead of accepting that their various screw ups in regards to this culture and religion might be the problem and Newsweek’s story might just be the straw that broke the camel’s back by exposing, yet another instance of prisoner abuse?

  22. maxx says:

    “…because I would be worried if you thought my life had involved prisoner torture before…”

    Only if I thought you were the prisoner instead of the torturer 🙂

  23. maxx says:

    “…He doesn’t care about the enviroment and lauding him as someone who does is an amazing feat of logic…”

    I didn’t laud -him- as someone who cared about the environment. I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that -any- means justifies good ends. If the administrations’ policies reduce our reliance on middle eastern oil and in the process bankrupt the regimes that fund the terrorists, then I’m really not that concerned about the ‘means’. And I believe I walked you through the exact thought process of why this ‘end’ is desirable. I can’t justify it any more than you can – but the difference between us is that I’m willing to accept misguided means if it implies specific ends. You’re not.

    It is easy to point to the Kyoto treaty withdrawal and the ‘drill in the Alaskan wildlife refuge’ as evidence that the administration ‘doesn’t care about the environment’, but thats an obvious by-product of relying on liberal news media bias. The drilling in Alaska was approved by a clear majority in the congress, and with bipartisan support – back in the 70’s. The wording of the clause stated specifically the area to be drilled and the terms under which that was possible. In the three decades since, bleeding heart tree huggers of all ilks have discovered that they want their “cake” of technological progress and their social conscience salve that is the equivalent of “eating it too”.
    I was right to claim this as a tangent that (1) has nothing to do with the newsweek allegations, and is therefore a disingenious departure from the main argument, and (2) doesn’t affect your life.

  24. maxx says:

    “…Our prices in relation to anything else are irrelevant since that has nothing to do with my life…”

    And you couldn’t be more wrong.
    The price of tea in China may seem to have nothing to do with you, at first glance. And if you were living in post WW1 with insane tariffs on imports and closed market conditions without global connectivity, then you may have been less wrong. The fact is, in a free market system, the price of everything in country X affects the price of everything else in country Y. Thats a simple fact. Maybe you have a 401k (or 403k or whatever the state sponsored equivalent is). Very likely, the money you invest in “Davis NY Fund” and “CTC Stable Plus Fund” is re-invested overseas by the funds themselves, which invest in (amongst other things) oil and oil futures. As a result, the price of tea in china (or fuel in France) could very well affect your life.
    If you were Amish, made your own clothes, extracted soap from animal fats and lived off of the land – then I might be more inclined to agree that gas prices in the world do not affect you. But we both know thats not the case.

  25. maxx says:

    “…I doubt that I pollute more than you given the fact that I drive less than 70 miles in the average week and only use roughly 10 gallons of gas per week…”

    Yeah, but my car gives me 32mpg in city/traffic driving conditions. Yours gives you 29 – and thats straight from
    More importantly, I’ll bet you have >60k miles on your car – which you’ve had for longer than I’ve had mine (I just passed the 60k mark); which means that in the time you’ve owned that vehicle, you’ve polluted more than I have.
    And I’m right there with you on the 70 miles per week and 10 gallons per week numbers.

  26. maxx says:

    “…the KY schools were in the top 25 states..”

    You’re kidding, right? The “top 25 states” implies that “at best, they ranked #25 – out of 50 states”. I hardly consider that to be a mark of high distinction.

  27. maxx says:

    “Also of note, the cost of living continues to rise.”

    Yes. And interest rates were at a historical low, creating opportunities for lower wage earners to become homeowners. The two things are related, and tend to offset each other. So I’d say that the low interest loans you’ve managed to get have more than made up for the minor increases in cost of living.

  28. maxx says:

    “…it is easier to make meth and sell it than it is to find a job around here…”

    See, here’s something I have an issue with. The opportunity to find a job in the country has not decreased. But the opportunity for people to pick and choose where they want to locate themselves definitely has. And though it would be nice to lay that blame at the door of the administration, the blame really belongs at the door of the free market. If people are willing to live in crowded overpopulated cities and work for low wages in third world countries, then it stands to reason that they are going to end up with many American jobs. One option is to relocate out of the backwaters, but lots of people don’t want to do that. The administration should be doing something about repopulating the heartland of America by introducing industry in there, but Clinton had just as much of a chance to do that as Bush does – and neither one of them has done so.
    The opinion seems to be that the administration somehow “owes” us all jobs. But thats a flawed idea. The administration should foster industry and entepreneurship – and it does. As it happens, industry chooses to locate in large cosmopolitan cities where it is easy to attract fresh talent. In Kentucky, there may be several qualified candidates (like you) but it will never match the volume of NY or CA. I remember Shelly used to tell me the same things, and now she moved to Louisville and realized that the job market is much better than she gave it credit for being.

    You choose to live where you do. And you have some great benefits of doing so. You pay less for gas, you live in a bigger house, your mortgage is lower, you breathe cleaner air, you know your neighbors, you have virtually no crime… and so on. In turn, a price you pay is that the job market is worse. Thats hardly the fault of the administration – more like the price you choose to pay.

  29. maxx says:

    “…I also have to deal with all the stupid fundamentalist christian bullshit that he he brought back for the previous election…”

    You won’t get any argument from me on this one… I couldn’t agree more!

  30. maxx says:

    “…I know and your next argument will be that he inherited a crappy economy, but also he has had 4+ years to get things moving again”

    Yes. And he also had the financial center of the United States brought to a halt by some guys in some planes. No doubt he could (and should) have done more – much much more – but lets not forget that economies are cyclical. Look back at the recession of the early 90’s which was followed by the boom of the late 90’s. It is still the early 2000’s – and technically there has been a huge boom with the real estate market. Look at all the rats who have jumped off the “tech” ship and onto the “realtor” one. Hopefully something else (like bio- or nano-tech) will power the next big economic engine.
    Look, I’m not defending Bush – even though it might seem like I am. I think there’s a ton of places where he could have done better or more or just different. But I don’t care – as long as the cycle of the economy remains uninterrupted. History can have its field day bashing his decisions – and I could care less about that. Ultimately what matters to me are the ends, and NOT the means.

  31. maxx says:

    Besides – I should make another point too… things ARE moving again. It may not be the case in KY – but it certainly is the case out here. More recruiters call, more traffic is on the roads, fewer of my friends are unemployed, more people have more liquid cash in the bank… those are real statistics that I use to gauge the improvement of the economy.

  32. maxx says:

    “…Newsweek’s story might just be the straw that broke the camel’s back by exposing, yet another instance of prisoner abuse?”

    There was a man in Europe, an archduke – but not a crucial one. He was assassinated. That led to the biggest war the world had seen until that time – WW1. History calls it the straw that broke the camels’ back.

    It may seem like a trivial issue, but Newsweek doesn’t need to be pouring fuel onto an already simmering fire. Al-Jazeera, the Wahhabi clerics in Saudi Arabia, the militants of Hamas and Islamic Jihad… all these people and groups do an excellent job of exactly that. I’m all for free speech – but if I’m in a movie theater and someone flicks a lighter and shouts “Fire!” and a person gets trampled in the ensuing exodus, I want to see the guy that shouted hung by his thumbs from the town square. This is the same exact thing. Newsweek has the right to print whatever they like – but within reason. You can’t tell me they didn’t expect the article to fan the flames of controversy. They wrote the article to sell more magazines and garner free attention – and they accomplished both. But some other fools paid the price for newsweeks’ stock price – with their own lives. And that is reprehensible. I have no problem with BushCo going after them for it, expecially if it can’t be proven.

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  34. Noneofus says:

    Well, since this is still going…
    what’s your opinion of the picture of Saddam in his BVDs?

    Who will take the ‘hit’ for that?

  35. Brent says:

    Well the most obvious answer is, whoever they can find to take the fall. I am sure Rummy will get up there eventually and talk about how the chain of command doesn’t want this type of stuff to happen and it is an act of the single person who is guarding him. Maybe, this time he will bring his chart with him to show the chain of command.

  36. Brent says:

    I was doing a search for something else and found this article. Thought I would drop a link.

  37. maxx says:

    “what’s your opinion of the picture of Saddam in his BVDs?”

    I was very upset about what is obviously a case of “prisoner abuse”. The man is in tighty-whities?! Thats SO INSENSITIVE! He has just lost his two sons and may wish to reproduce to carry on the grand family name. At the very least, he should have been given boxers, and where is the red cross representative to tell him about his rights being violated?!

    This is a moral outrage! And it must be the fault of BushCo. Time to appoint another commission to look into … er, Saddam’s BVDs.


  38. Noneofus says:

    Check out the picture at the web site link.

  39. maxx says:

    Guess you’re going with more conspiracy theories in the light of this new revelation?
    news story on guantanamo bay prisoner recanting his ‘koran abuse’ story

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