Useless bits of Info

I have a friend who has this on her site and ever since I read hers I wondered what would go on mine, so I thought I would scratch down some bits and see what it says:

* I was born a redhead, through my childhood I was almost white headed
* My CB Handle is Shotgun
* Todd and I walked to school the last day of our 6th Grade year carrying a bag full of water guns. It rained half the day once we got there.
* I didn't go to prom
* I didn't get senior pictures
* I have shaved my legs three times
* I wore a kilt for four years
* I once got in-school detention for signing my name
* I am left handed by use scissors with my right hand
* I weighed less than 100 pounds my at the end of my freshman year of high school
* I was six feet tall when I started high school
* I have saved 4 people from drowning
* I have helped to teach over 100 kids to swim
* I once had to tread water for 45 min and then rescue float for 30
* I worked at a racetrack before I was 12 years old
* I have a picture of me going over Niagra Falls in a barrel
* I have been to Disney World
* I used to work in a cage
* I have three best friends
* None of my best firends live closer than 250 miles from me
* The song Someday Never Comes by CCR upsets me
* I have jumped off a cliff
* I used to average swimming around 5-6 miles a day
* I could swim a mile in less than 19 minutes
* I have built five decks in my life
* I have been lost on a four wheeler before
* I have thrown away my report card before anyone could see it
* I have dressed up like the devil twice for Halloween
* I have less than 20 people on my buddy list
* I read the The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 4th grade
* The nickname Diablo has nothing to do with any of the games of the same title
* I didn't pick Diablo, someone else did
* I have almost had my nose broke at a party before
* I downloaded Mp3s before it was cool and before Napster
* I have never successfully written a working Linked List implementation
* I once started a Tribes clan
* I have helped at 5 accident sites
* I have helped bring one person back to life

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