P’s Picnic

had a picnic with the rest of her co workers this weekend out at the dam at Barren River Lake. I was brought along for moral support I think, or and to drive too.

It was something of an interesting event I have to say. At one point I was driving around in someone else’s truck with a him in the back holding a lit barbee-Q grill. That doesn’t happen every day. I also spent about 30-40 min. playing vollyball without a net (basically just a bunch of people standing in a circle hitting it back and forth) with no one except me speaking english. That doesn’t happen everyday.

Oh yeah, did I mention that out of the 20+ plus people there only 3 people including P and I were not of orential origin? We were the only three people that didn’t speak chinese, though the two kids that were there didn’t speak it very well they definitely understood it. I ask the oldest kid, a boy, if when his parents got mad at him if they talked in English or Chinese and he said that they spoke in Chinese, but in that situation you don’t have any trouble understanding them. Smile

Another interesting thing is that shrimp soaked (and I mean soaked) in vodka and then cooked on a grill have a very different texture than the shrimp you might have had the other way. The only way I might be able to describe them is “powdery”. Like when you put them in your mouth and bit into them there wasn’t any resistance, they just fell apart and sort of dissolved. It wasn’t really my favorite texture, but it was ok.

They didn’t really have any out of hand different food there. About the only think that really looked odd was the boiled eggs that had been soaked in Soy Sauce. They looked really different, but pretty much tasted like a boiled egg. The outside of them was kinda leathery though.

It was pretty fun and I think P had a good time, after the intial task of being in charge of getting everyone together was completed. I think the fact that we were in the was a little of a help though. That just seems to make you happy.

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