Again with the DSL

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Thats right I got DSL again. Yay!!!

It is a little slower this time because I am farther away from the CO and they had to drop the speed down, but it is still pretty decent and ALWAYS ON. Ahhh… that was the key piece right there.

I also picked up another Linksys WRT54G this time the S model (WR54GS) which has their afterburner technology. I installed the latest Sveasoft firmware on it and my older one and then linked the two of them together using the WDS function. Effectively, building a wireless link from my computer room to the living room for the Xbox. That way I didn’t have to drill any holes in the floor or anything like that.

It also gave me a chance to play with that functionality a bit and to see how well it worked. Pretty easy really, and I could so see building a mesh network out of them and blanketing the whole subdivision with broadband. At $70 a shot it wouldn’t be too expensive of a project if you had a little bit of funding for it. Since, you can use the firmware to boost the signal strength too, it might be possible to really cover the area with a signifcantly fewer number of APs too. I have no doubt that my two are probably blanketing the houses all around me right now and I don’t even have the signal boost turned up.

I did get lucky in that I had $50 worth of reward money from purchases at Best Buy that was going to expire, so for the most part I got mine free. That is a pretty decent system BTW. I mean if you buy with a DiscoverCard there then you get a 1% cash back bonus and then BB gives you a percentage of what you buy back as reward points, so you can siphon some more off there (as long as you use them before they expire).

I am also looking into maybe switching to some type of streamcasting thing. I don’t have much more info than that right now, but I will try to give you some more here soon.

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