I love my job. No really I do.

Seriously, I really do like my job. It is pretty cool working here and I get to mess with a lot of the stuff that I want.

BUT (You guys knew there was going to be a “but” didn’t you?)

Lately I just find myself wishing I was home. I mean I am really starting to find myself longing for some time at the to just goof off and stuff. It sounds like this is a bad time to feel that way too. This monday I am heading to Louisville with P, My mom and my sister for my sister’s 21st birthday. We are meeting my Grandma and Joe at one of the casino boats. It should be a real cool trip since I have never been to a casino. Then next weekend I agreed (rather stupidly, before I found out how long it was) to help run a Swim Meet which takes place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Plus for some continuing odd reason they always schedule this stupid meet on the same weekend that has a swim meet, so now I have to figure some way to do that as well.

So anyway, I find myself wishing I wasn’t here and that instead I was at home. I am not really sure why, since like I have said I really do enjoy this job. It is one of those really odd things I guess.

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