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I haven’t really gotten too far into it yet, but there is a on the edge of Edmonson county that I am going to look at tomorrow. It is listed at $129,000, which with what I can put down will make my payments for the next 30 years come out to about what I am paying Mom and for the place in Smiths Grove now. So far I haven’t had any trouble paying them, so hopefully I won’t have any problems making the payments on the place if I get it.

There are still several factors though that I haven’t even gotten to take a look at. I might be able to get the price lower, I might be able to get a lower interest rate, and I might be able to put a little more down than the original amount I was looking at.

There still is the matter of having to pay Mom and the money I am right now, while I am paying the payments too, until I get the trailer in SG sold. That might be kinda hard, but I think I can get that done.

I hate the thought of owing money to someone/thing for 30 years though. I have enough trouble with owing M&D the money I owe them on the trailer now and that is only about a 20 months of payments left. This would be like 360 months of payments. Of course hopefully I could pay it off before then, but still, that is a lot of money to owe.

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