Triumph repair work (Part 2)

After I got it back from the guy that “painted” it, the clutch wouldn’t work. I had my neighbor, Wayne, come over and help me take a look at it. We figured out that the slave cylinder (under the drivers floor pan) was leaking. We took it off and cleaned it up and figured out where it was leaking, he took the cylinder itself to WKU and had a guy there hone it smooth, while I ordered a rebuild kit from Moss for it.

I also ordered bushings for the upper A arms, a new ball joint and a seal for the steering box, because it is leaking fluid. When all the arts got in, I already had the set of A arms off on the passenger side, so Wayne and I put them back on with the new bushings and ball joint. I also had already put the rebuild kit on the clutch and he mounted it back on there. We bled it a little and it didn’t seem to be leaking.

A few days later I went out and got the other A arms off and put on with the new bushings, I also put the new/old ball joint on that had been in the door all this time. Wayne came over again and we replaced the seal under the valve cover. I drained the oil out and changed it, but I didn’t have a new oil filter for it. I think I am going to get a spin on adaptor for it. I had also got a new set of gaskets for the two carbs and a new set of Air Filters for them. He changed those out while I was cleaning up for the new valve cover gasket. He didn’t put all the gaskets in the carbs, but he did change out the ones on the bottom jets where it was leaking gas and that seemed to fix that problem.

We took it out and ran it a little. It was rough at first, but then it got better. The clutch still has some air in it, but I think we can get that out. At least it doesn’t seem to be leaking anymore. We took the plugs out of the block and the back two were wet, but the front two were dry, so there might be some issue with the back carb. Wayne seemed to think that it was missing when it was running at low RPMs. It is probably related to the one carb that is putting too much gas in.

Anyway it drives better now, with new tires on it and the bushings and such. It still has a little slack in the steering, but I can live with that for a while.

Moss is out of the steering box lube and I can’t really change the seal on it without something to put back into it. I have ask my uncle what he would put in there and Wayne and I have kicked it around some too. I still haven’t done anything there.

I stopped by Autozone the other day and picked up some spark plugs that work with it. After I set the gap for them, I changed those out and the car seems to be running better. The clutch is doing a lot better, though there were a couple times that I had trouble getting out of fourth and into third. I just pumped it an extra time and it seemed to take care of it. Hopefully, whatever air is left in there will continue to work its way out and that will even go away. I think the one seal on the back jet might still be leaking gas, which I would like to get fixed correctly. I think Wayne and I may just end up pulling the carbs off and changing the seals in them. Hopefully that will fix it.

I have learned a lot more about the car in the last few weeks and I have also learned a lot about how different parts of it work too. I enjoy working on it and stuff. I kind of feel like that if I had been around when computers weren’t, cars might be more my thing. There are a lot of similarities between debugging a faulty network setup and “debugging” why the passengers side tire leans a little in at the top.

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