Julie’s 2 Month Appointment

Well, we went to Julie’s two month appointment today. She is (drum roll) 11 lb 2 oz, in the 70th percentile for weight; 23 3/4 inches long, 95th percentile for height; and her head size is in the 50th percentile. She got 3 shots, her vaccinations. She took it okay, she was upset at first but she settled down pretty quick. I also had some coupons for free formula so I got 3 more cans of Enfamil. She will have her next appointment Oct 24th.

After the doctor’s appointment we met Coach and Joey for lunch at Toots and then we went to see their new house. It is huge. They were planning on a main floor with an attic and it turned into a main floor with a full finished basement and a finished bonus area upstairs. The place is crazy big. They have 25 hundred sq feet just on the main floor. Oh well, it is nice.

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