Parental worries

Well, I have been feeling alittle worrysome lately. I watched a the other night that was about a father that was caring for his mentally challenged son. the son had been brain damaged following a bus accident and the father was now going to have to make a big medical decision for him. I also watched the movie “A knights tale” tonight, where the father was sending his son off to apprentice with a knight at a tender young age saying that was all he had to give to him (the man was poor) and that he wanted his son to live a better life than he himself had lived.
I have just been feeling alittle crazy I guess. I just stop and think about all the what ifs. Julie is still so small and will be for a long time. so helpless. So many things are uncertain. Money, health, accidents are all things you can't control. She can't make any decisions for herself (not to say that when she is capable of making her own decisions that they will be good ones). alot of movies and tv shows (and I watch way too much tv) have this underlying theme of parents and their kids and the heartbreaking circumstances that they meet.
I guess I will just have to stop watching tv.

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  1. KY Dave says:

    Been there, done that, twice!

    Worrying won’t help, you can’t think of every possibility, but at least you are realizing the tough part of being a parent.

    Each choice you make now helps determine how far Julie will go in life. You just start with the basic decisions and build on those. Be steady in your decisions and she will learn discipline. Take time to explain things and she will learn understanding. Teach her to value things and she will know the value of love, family and friends. Be a parent first and a friend later in life.

    The decisions will get tougher as she gets older.

    Most parents want their kids to have a better life than they had. It’s hard to define what better is for each child though. That should be left to the grown up child to decide what is better for them.

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