(thoughts continuing on events from yesterday) I find that a nights sleep hasn’t brought me any closer to internalizing this. As more and more is learned I get no closer to being able to walk away from it. The amount of firefighters lost alone is staggering. Tonight I drove home in the dark and felt as if the night was darker than normal. I kept finding myself wondering if the power was out or if the county had turned off the lights on the road. Instead I realized that things where exactly the same only my perception of them being darker. It is amazing how things that are not close to you and effect no one that you know can come so close to you. Amazing still but in a brighter way is that during times of peace and tranquility America can be divided and seperated, but in a time like this when the fight is brought to our doorstep and into our house we are a united front. If there is anything that is comforting in this I would say that is it. I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop in this. I am not sure if that will come as a second terrorist attack or if it will come as an attack from us, but there is more to this story that what has already come out, and I don’t mean the “public interest” stories that the media are going to drag out of it, I mean a large scale set of events that will effect more than the United States alone. For now I must go eat.

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