Financial Ballout vs Car Maker Bailout… Ready… Fight!

It is amazing to me the difference between the car maker request for money and the banks request for money.  The difference in the amount of money is the first thing.  The car manufacturing companies are asking for a fraction of the money that the banks are getting, but they employ far more people.  It truly is a case of bikeshedding to a fairly high degree. I have to admit that congress did ask some questions of the bankers when they came before them, but no where near as stiff as they are of the car manufacturers, or at least I didn't hear about it if they did.   It is amazing.  I also found a little graphic that shows a visual representation of the banker .  it is after the jump.

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3 Responses to Financial Ballout vs Car Maker Bailout… Ready… Fight!

  1. George says:

    This could be even easier than all that to solve. Every ,Every Every ,person pays 20% of all earned income,did i say every person.All business pays 10% no tax shelters ,you pay done.

    Then as as far as health care ,all Business with 1000 employees or more must provide major health and that means if you are a company with 100 different names,but 100 employees at each location count all of them as a total.

    No tax write offs, for no less then 5 years,at that time review the state of our economics and see if we are better off.

  2. maxx says:

    As a conservative libertarian, I must ask: “why bailouts?”
    This is not just a naive question – the ideals of “free markets”, “capitalism”, “engine of prosperity” are frequently touted during good times, and tossed out during the bad.

    How is imposing estate taxes on people with $10M correct? Why should inheritances be taxed? Where does it say in the constitution that all Americans are guaranteed equal *outcomes* of wealth, or even wealth distribution? Why should the playing field be leveled, when presumably it took exceptional people to get there?

    I’m against the bailouts for several reasons –
    1. government is known to do virtually everything it gets involved in badly; look at roads, public education, public housing, war on drugs, etc. and we see that they all have less than stellar records. Why do we expect that they will be experts at disbursing $800B?!
    2. the idea that taxpayers should subsidize anything is ridiculous! In a free market, banks and automakers that pandered to a short-sighted public to boost earnings of their shareholders, took a calculated risk. And they lost. Lots of folks are unemployed, and that sucks – but it does not justify shoring up these institutions. It only encourages the poor practices to continue, like the airlines and telcos which have been bailed out time and again without anything to show for it. We should rely on other corporations to fill the void, and they will. When they do; new employers, and the wheel keeps turning.
    3. taxation as a solution is inherently dangerous. governments (R and D), once they get the money, lose all incentive to use it for anything other than to get re-elected, stay in power, reward each other, and generally find ways to waste it.
    4. the constitution does not provide for any sort of taxation, let alone one that keeps industries afloat.

    I have a better suggestion:
    (i) Legalize drugs. Yes, all drugs, not just the ganja. Now tax the hell out of this opportunity. Thats a $200T industry, so A 1% tax on drug sales will solve the prison problem as well as free federal agents currently occupied in this pointless activity to eat donuts or fight real crime.
    (ii) Let the banks, automakers, airlines, real-estate schemers, etc. all fail. Reward responsible people who didn’t succumb to the siren song of the past bubbles.
    (iii) End these retarded wars. Either sack up and make a grab for the oil, or lets end the farce and eat the occasional “attack” on the homeland as the price of liberty in modern times, not unlike the Morlocks and Eloi.

    I’m sick of the recession/bailouts/investor jitteriness/new scams revealed cycle. This will only end when government stops whipping us into a frenzy about it, and when rational thought returns to the world.

  3. Brent says:

    You know the government is an easy target. Lets pick an easy one for you I am sure.

    How exactly, if you didn’t have the government doing it, would there be any roads?

    And don’t just say company’s would make them, I mean EXACTLY WHO, Where, and WHY would they. Also what would you do if you couldn’t afford or didn’t want to use their road?

    If tomorrow every road in San Jose disappeared and the government was like “Screw you guys you bitch about us all the time. Figure it out for yourselves.” What would be the plan?

    Personally the roads in KY here are fairly good. I don’t have a complaint about them at all.

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