Wouldn’t Time Be Nice

Man, wouldn’t it be nice to have enough time to get to write all the stuff you want to write?

Well to keep up with what has been going on…. I am proud to announce that has officially graduated from Western University. Congrats to her.

A math teacher that I had while at is leaving WKU for at least a year to go to California to teach. She had a party last week and me and P went. While we were there I was showing her the pictures of the from the other post (which seems dumb now since I drove it there). She said how cool it was to have something like that and that it would be cool to have one while she was gone. I offered her an account on here and she decided to try it out. Hopefully you will see something from her soon. Maybe a story about herself?

The Cisco class is doing well. I actually got to spend some time on subnetting the other day with them. I also got to use Mirage for one of the cool things that I had hoped it would work good for…. Teaching. Unlimited paper. There when you come back the next day. Once you get used to it, it is really quick to work with. I think it worked really well. I would show you them, but they don’t really translate well to non-MS. I am working on finding a decent system with Linux, but since the hardware is only somewhat supported it is slow rolling.

I picked up a copy of the Linux System Administrators Handbook the other day. It is an offshoot of the Unix System Administrators Handbook, which is known to be a great book. The Unix version of the book is non-specific to Linux (though it is included), but this one is targeted to Linux alone. That helps to keep some of the static down that is there due to other systems being different than Linux.

Work continues (like work is known to do sometimes). For those of you that I haven’t seen or talked to lately… I have been officially been told that my position is here to stay. I believe the exact words were something like this… “The board voted unanimously to keep your position and there is no time in the foreseeable future that the county will not have two technical people on staff.” So that is pretty cool. Networks are starting to shape up pretty good and things are starting to flow a little easier. Unfortunately, the system was so kludged up in some places it is going to have a real troubling effect on the elegance of some of my solutions. I guess a ghetto running network is better than an elegant non-functional network though so oh well.

The is what we in the business like to call, “Bad Ass”. It is just too fun. All kinds a people asking about it and all kindsa people straining their necks to check it out. you have to get over here so that we can go rolling around. I think it would be worth the cost of a plane ticket itself.

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