By not posting on here for a bit I have managed to miss telling you about a really cool thing that has happened. I purchased a car from my Uncle and gave it half to my mom for Mother's Day.

The Backstory:

About 35 years ago, my mom was looking to buy some kind of convertible car to ride around in. One of the ladies that she worked with said that her brother used to have a convertible and that she thought her mom had it in the barn. Mom went over there and looked at the car. She ended up paying $250 for it. She drove it around for a while and then about 30 years ago she sold it to her brother for $1500. Once he got it, he repainted it, had new carpet put in it, put a new engine in it and just a bunch of other things to make it better and work right.

Present Day:

About three weeks ago we went up to Indiana for a and went over to my uncle's. While I was out doing something he mentioned to my mom that he thought he was ready to sell the car and that he was thinking about asking $8000 for it. My mom had always regreted selling the car and as eager to get it back, but didn't want to pay that much for it. He said that he could sell it to her for $6000. I guess that is about where I came back in because when I walked in my mom said that he was wanting to sell it and the price. I right away said that we would take it, because I knew that she wanted it. Of course me being the way that I am they thought that I was joking about the whole thing. Well I wasn't. Once I made them realize that I wasn't we setup a way to get it down here and they brought it last weekend.


I just bought a 1958 Tr-3 Convertible and it freaking rocks. Pictures below.

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