Hell Week

Damn, last week was just shit. Not “the shit”, just shit. Nothing would work right. The new network rocks out, but we cannot get the New Accelar to route IPX traffic, so none of our Novell server are visible from other locations. SUUUUUUCKS!!!

The new 380 switch that we have from Nortel is so brand new that there is some kinda bug in the code on it and if it gets rebooted it will not pick up the fiber link that we have running to it until it has been unplugged and the fiber plugged back in. Therefore if the power goes out at our office and it loses power all our servers are off the network. SUUUUUUCKS!!!

Got two new 36 gig drives for a toshiba server that we have. Only took two days to get them in since Toshiba puts its server utils on a 96meg partition on the drive and if they aren't on there it won't boot off of it. Unfortunately, it is a real bitch to get them on there. Ghost doesn't understand the SCSI drives natively and the SCSI for DOS don't work. Add to that the machine takes about 2 minutes to reboot and you have a really not-fun time with it. SUUUUUUCKS!!!

Boot Drive on Biglinux went down. It was just some scrub drive that I dig up, but it still sucks, plus the extra 9 gig drive that we had from the Toshiba is unrecognizable to biglinux. SUUUUUUCKS!!!

My allergies are acting up, so my eyes are all red and itchy all the time. SUUUUUUCKS!!!

Mirage won't be here until at least after the 25, if you are to believe the invoice. SUUUUUUCKS!!!

Friday at about 4:30 when I was getting ready to leave work the main server for the district went down with all hard drives non-responding. I think it was due to heat so now we have to work on getting our office air conditioned quickly. SUUUUUUCKS!!! (Well maybe not that bad at least we get better air conditioning.)

I have been fighting IDE hard drive issues with Diablo all week as well. Either the IDE bus is going bad on it, or all my drives are because they keep kicking out of DMA and one consistantly loses the filesystem on it. SUUUUUUCKS!!!

Pretty much what I am trying to say is that this last week SUUUUUUCKED!!!!!!

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