Until recently I would have trouble remembering the last time that I had a dream that I can remember. It seems that since about my freshman year in I haven't had much to remember from when I slept. Recently though this has all changed around. I think it has something has awoken recently. Honestly, I think it is a resurgence of the creativity of my mind. It is a interesting feeling to have some inspiration in my thoughts and ideas again. It is nice to spend some time thinking of new and cool things that I can do to make things work better and provide new things to work with. I also find I have little thoughts and stories that flit across my mind. So far they have come unbidden and skittered away before I could grasp them and bring them to the front for analysis and catelogue. I also find my desire for stories and to read has increased.

Unfortunately, there are some down sides as well. Along with having is having BAD dreams. Three times in the last two weeks I have woke from a dream of varying themes, but all of them being pulse racers. Ghosts and demons, versions of people I know, protecting an unknown group of people from the likes of Jason Voorhees, they are all the things I have been dealing with in my mind at night. Luckily, though things are not all bad, otherwise I think I would have little use for the now prominent adventures. I have also had several interesting but not bad dreams over the span of the last two weeks. I have spent time with a cousin, two best friends, several people from my high school at some kinda whacked out reunion and several other quite interesting events.

What am I telling you for you might be asking? Well first it this site is foremost my journal so I would like to document this occurrence, but second I find it a most interesting thing that when in an environment that is inductive to ideas and thoughts how you feel better and start to think more about things.

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