Linux and Power Steering

Odd combo for a subject huh?

Well today and the last few days/weeks have been rather interesting. The talk went well and has started a new wave of attacks on the status quo for my skills and ideas. I have another post that I was working that ties into this hopefully I will get it up soon.

I have developed a pretty cool backup system for Edmonson County Schools using linux and rsync to backup a program called STI. STI is not a very good program, but we are mandated to use it. Rock/hard place insert us. Therefore we often have to go back to backups and this is a lengthy process that often doesn’t work since everyone has to be out of it to get it to backup correctly. Thus I came up with this system to back up every 4 hours and for 7 days onto disk. This makes it quicker to restore from back up the files that we need. Everything is working ok on that and we talked to some of the other DTCs in about it so hopefully that will go over big and I can help put Linux into some other peoples schools and stuff.

Now the bad news. The sunfire has developed a very bad power steering leak. A very bad leak. Such that I drove home tonight with no power steering. Hopefully this will be a fix that is not too costly and works out ok in the end. It is enough to make you a nervous wreck though, because it is something that you hate to have happen and you can’t correct yourself.

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