Well I would like to thank maxx for a fun weekend. He flew up here for the weekend to chill out with me and we had a blast. Now I have a few more things to add to the list of stuff on his page : ). Also I have gotten a external modem for Diablo and I am now able to use it to get on the internet in Linux. That coupled with the fact that I am having minor issues with Diablo in Windows has made me decide to try and switch to linux for my desktop. I have also written a new script which is about as large scale as anything else I have written. BootRip might be close, but it is not as neat and organized as this is so that might be part of it. The new script is called SMess which is short for Samba Messaging. Hit the link to open the page with its info. I have said this with all the other stuff I have written, but I hope to be able to write a GUI frontend for it.

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