Now see why some people hate their jobs

First I would like to give a shout out to for planting a shard of a thought in my brain and letting it fester. Second I would like to say that there are some things that I am having trouble dealing with at this position. Really they are little different than what I wrote about so long ago on 8/22. They just intensify as I become more aware of what is going on and less pleased with how they do things. I am now also starting to understand why there are a lot of companies that do not promote from within. It is all based on the principle that when you hire someone to specifically do a job you look at their skills and if they have the ones to do the job then you hire them, but when your company tries to be good about hiring from within you end up getting people into position that they have little to no qualifications to have. They then start “picking the job up as they go” and learn a way and a system to do things. Then after time that system becomes a somewhat defacto standard and it is a bad idea to break that because then you are making the person that came up with it look bad, or that is at least the way they think it is. Instead if they would look at it as a way to make things better and throw out ego in such a situation and realize that there might be other ways to do things then it is possible to make a lot of stuff work and function better. I was hired into my position because my boss realized that I had the knowledge and skills to do the job and that he won't have to train me on most of the work, but now I am in here and when I suggest doing something that I know will work better or will avoid problems it is not accepted because it is not the way he or his bosses want it done. Unfortunately they are commonly basing these ideas on the stuff that I was talking about where they have learned to do it one way and are sure that way is the best no matter if it is or not. Then when I attempt to tell them the reason that I think there is a better way to do it (be it my way or another way which incorporates their idea) I am labeled as a rogue and a sarcastic employee, because I am attempting to not only find the best way, but also to enlighten them as to why there is a better way to do things.
On another note. I have now went for two days without booting Diablo into windows. Not a huge feat, but not bad I would say. Monday sent me a word document made under Office2000 and I was a little worried that Abiword wouldn't be able to handle it, but it did. Popped it right up and it looked good. I was quite impressed since I am not even sure if StarOffice can work with 2000 style documents. Hopefully tonight I plan on getting the kernel recompiled to include support for NTFS filesystems, since redhats kernel didn't come with support for it. This will allow me to get to all my files that I use under windows. I am also doing some work with CodeWeavers version of Wine so that I can run some of the Windows programs that I will need. I am also working to revive one of the greatest games there has ever been XCOM. It is still considered the best game regarding squad combat ever. First I started trying to get my old copies of the games to work with WINE, and now I have started a small email session with some people at microprose about when/if there is a new version of it coming down the pipe.

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