Today was a good day

Well actually yesterday was a good day, but its wholesome goodness ran long into the night so I gave up trying to post anything about it. The chewy center was especially good, when mixed with the creamy chocolate covering.

Work was work, though there were no major explosions or weapons testing. The fiber was installed and done, though the electronics for it have not arrived. I headed out to one of the schools, got everything done by three and lo and behold Lamar told me to head to the for the day. Well actually I headed to Western where I setup Meta and updated everything on it for the meeting. Met up with Rob (aka RVF) and Ray for dinner and dancing at Puerto Viarta (SP?). After scarfing there and chatting for a bit we headed back to Western. On the way I got a call from Todd, but since the meeting was looming close I ask him to call me back that night. Arriving at Western we found that Shindhelm had not unlocked the door for us. You would think given the fact that we have a meeting in there every Tuesday every month that it might form a pattern, but Hey I am sure he is a busy guy. So I picked the door with a stick of 30 pin memory and we headed in for the meeting.

The meeting went swimmingly and only crashed once on me (pretty good for cvs IMO). Everyone seem to at least pay a small amount of attention through the whole thing. I was suprised toward the end of the meeting as strolled in through the door. I promptly made a big deal out of this to the entire assembled group and throughly embarrassed her. Teach her to show up late 🙂

There were several questions about things and nice discussion about other Linux things as well. Dr. Gary was there as well and we spent some time chatting with him about various things including WKUs recent increase in network bandwidth and their attempts to track down all the static IPs that had been assigned out there, since they are currently “running out of IPs”. After a bit I headed home and found two extremely cool deliveries waiting for me. The first was a copy of Apex for XBOX, which I will be reviewing quite soon and the other was a copy of the Second and Third Edition of the BOFH books. Son of the Bastard and Bride of the Bastard. Great Stuff!!! Review of those will be forthcoming as well. The day ended with me calling Todd (long distance to Hawaii, ewwww) and chatting with him for over an hour and a half. Good time and all. Found out that he will most likely be hitting the contenietal (wow damn that is soooo spelled wrong) US sometime in November. I hope that I can be added to the agenda of that trip. O’Happy day!! 😀

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