Apex is a great game. Probably the best racer for the Xbox. The control is nice, the graphics are great. The game physics are done quite well and quite accurately. The only thing I don't really like is the lack of ability to trick out my car with upgrades and such. I took some notes will I was playing lets take a look:

1. Damn this game is sweet.

2. Wow, that was an awesome powerslide!

3. Bastard!!!!

4. HAHA teach you to cut me off.

5. Damn wall!

6. Grrrrr!!!!

7. SWEET!!!!!!

8. Hey look at those sparks!!!

9. Man it I wish the sun would get out of my eyes!!!

10. WOW!!!



That is pretty much how a typical goes. Some of the stuff needs explaining I guess. 1 and 2 are fairly obvious. 3 and 4 are because the other racers in this game have no problem driving in front of you, or pushing you into a wall. 5 is due to the wall, which I hit all the freaking time. 6 is from where I lead a whole lap and then screw up and get put back in last place. 7 is when I get back up there. 8 is because the graphics are so great in this game, sparks flying off a car that is two cars in front of you can hit the car in front of you, skip off of it and spray off of your car, which I think is just an awesome effect. It shows the attention to detail that was put into this game. The only thing that isn't real about this game is that when you fly over a hill and wrap your car around a light pole, it will still run and you can still win the race (which I have done). 9 is also a cool effect, where when you are driving into the sun it actually glares across the windshield and makes it hard to see. 10, 11, 12 are just the results of awesome racing.

Atari has made a great game with Atari flare for the different. They business aspects of it aren't exactly what I had hoped for, but it is a cool system. The receptionist for the company must have been designed to compare with the DOA girls, because she is stacked. The voice for your production assistant and her lines sound like they were taken from a phone sex line. My favorite one is, “You are a racing GOD!!!!”

There is one other thing that I am not mentioning is DIRT. Man you can be tooling along the track at an easy 150mph hit a patch of dirt along the side of the road and BAM 45 mph. That sucks. Now I can't say that I have ever hit 150 mph and then ran through a pile of dirt, but I don't think it would effect you quite like that, or at least not that fast. Of course I could be wrong.

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