Another trip to Indiana

I spent some more time up in Indiana working on the car and spending some time with Jim and Sabra.

I did a bit of work on the car and helped Imon do some cleaning up in the garage and such. We ended up getting tires for the car and mounting them on the wheels that I had bought. I got some pictures of everything before I left and they are up in the 56 Chevy section of the gallery.

I also got some good pictures of Amber while we were at Jim and Sabra's . They are up in the Amber section.

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5 Responses to Another trip to Indiana

  1. noneofus says:

    I like the wheels and tires, they look a lot like the ones on the green Demon I used to own. You have the picture posted where I was doing a burnout. Here is the link…

  2. Brent says:

    Wow. Those do look a lot alike. Crap now I have to go out and buy new wheels. 🙂

    That is an interesting occurence.

  3. noneofus says:

    Maybe you had been ‘imprinted’ from looking at that picture?
    If they are CRAGAR S/S, then they are the same wheel.

  4. Brent says:

    Yeah they are the same wheel. Funny, but talking to Imon, around that time EVERYONE had Cragar SS wheels. 🙂

  5. noneofus says:

    Yeah a lot of people did, I didn’t buy those, they were on the car when I bought it. I like ones called ‘Indy 500’ wheels ( ). The bad thing about the Cragar wheels was they were chrome all over and in IN they would rust and were hard to keep nice. The ‘Indy 500’ wheels were aluminum/magnesium and would not rust. Down here, there won’t be a rust problem due to KY not salting the roads.

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