Another car for the garage

I haven't really posted about it yet, even though the pictures have been up in the for a bit, but my mom and I bought a mustang convertible from a local girl. I was driving back to the office from one of the schools and happened to see it. I think we got a pretty good deal on it. It has had some work done to it, but almost all cars made in 1965 have had some I would say.

I have changed the spark plugs in it and the plug wires, the distributor cap, and the oil and oil filter. Changing the plugs seemed to help it a bit and Imon came down this weekend and we worked on getting the choke working correctly. It still runs a little rough, but I really think it is because the manifold coming off of the engine is warped and needs to be replaced. I could probably replace that, except the bolts are locked in there pretty tight and Imon didn't think they would come out without breaking. That means that they would have to be drilled out of the block, which isn't something I can do. So for right now that is getting left alone.

I am going to take a look at the gas tank and see if there is a problem with the float in there. If I can fix that then the gas gage should work correctly. The speedometer also has an issue, but I haven't really gotten a chance to look at it yet. Mom also wants to change the carpet in the car and has a piece that she wants to try, so I am going to try and get the interior pulled out of it and fit that piece in there.

It is a nice looking car and I think we got a pretty good deal on it. It will be another one that will be fun to have and drive around. Once we get the manifold fixed it could almost be a parade car, because from five feet away it looks really perfect.

Pictures are in the gallery under the vehicles section and are located in the 65 Mustang album.

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4 Responses to Another car for the garage

  1. maxx says:

    Damn… Welcome to the Norris Extreme Garage.
    Soon you’re going to have enough cars to -have- your own parade!

  2. Brent says:

    Good thing you didn’t call it my incredible garage. I might get in trouble for that.

  3. noneofus says:

    I think you are already “in trouble”.

    Let’s see, isn’t it a TWO car garage, and P’s car is in one side?

    Now, YOU have the ’58 TR3, a ’56 Chevy, a ’65 Mustang, and a Sunfire, hmm, where do all those go???

  4. Brent says:

    Well right now they are all in garages. Of course all of them aren’t MY garage. 🙂

    Also check the album for this again. I did up a very Dad-esc picture of it.

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