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Sorry to be so lax in posting, but I have been turning out some real time working for my consulting company. It is paying off now though as the checks are starting to come in.

I have been working pretty consistantly in my downtime from work. It has mostly revolved around the setup of a server for Studio11 Productions. They have had some very specific requirements for the software that is on said new server and it has been something of a pain to get it all working.

Actually, it isn’t all working yet. I still have one piece that is really driving me batty.

I also did a rebuild of Walther Cancer Foundations website development server. That one was a lot quicker than the Studio11 build, but it still had its moments.

Overall the last couple weeks have been a stressful one as I have been trying to put together random pieces of stuff so that it makes a functional server and it hasn’t been all that fun.

I did spend one check from the work to get a projector though and I really like it. I got the InFocus ScreenPlay 4800 Digital Light Projector from Computergeeks. It works really well and at the price that you can get it from Geeks for, it might be what some of you are looking for.

I think with the other money that is coming in from the work I am going to double up on what we have been paying on the house. Hopefully, it will help bring the interest down a little and make more money go to the principal. We have been paying about $250 extra every month as it is, so hopefully that extra couple shots will have some effect too.

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  1. maxx says:

    Every little bit helps.

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