Samba3 using a Windows AD LDAP server

I finally got one of my Linux servers to successfully, and somewhat stable, connect to the state’s AD servers and use them for account authentication. Unfortunately, I did it on a machine that I have already monkeyed around with a bit, so I don’t have a document for it yet. I am going to try it on a clean machine Monday to see if I can replicate it.

So far though the speeds off of it seem to beat similarly spec’ed Windows machines by about 6-7 secs for a 650meg file. We using Gigabit Ethernet to connect the two and off of our Windows server we are looking at about 27 secs while off of this machine we are pulling 20 secs.

This is a big deal though because off of our STI server we are looking at times around 2m29s. So moving STI over to a server similar to these has become a big priority.

Hopefully, I will be following this up with some information soon.

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