Now for a new TV

Man it seems like we are bleeding cash right now. I came home this last weekend after going to Indiana with Mom and the big screen tv had died. It was time for it to happen. The thing was like 20 years old and had been through three moves, but still it was unexpected. It wouldn’t be such big deal except for the car and all.

I decided to go ahead and spend the money to get one to replace it though. I ended up getting another RCA because 20 years worth of service on the other one deserves a little brand loyalty. That plus it was one of the best priced ones out there.

This is the one that I got and it looks really good. The builtin HD tuner allows me to get the local ABC station in HDTV. The sad part is that now the two anchors look worse than on the normal TV, because I can see more of their blemishes and flaws. 🙂

When maxx makes it in this weekend it will be a good test of how the xbox looks on it.

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8 Responses to Now for a new TV

  1. Matt says:

    Sounds like a nice choice. However, gotta debunk you; the local news isn’t broadcast in HD. It is digital, but not high def.
    Sorry, it’s my thing. LOL

  2. Brent says:

    I believe that is incorrect. I think just a few weeks ago they started broadcasting in it. If I remember correctly they had some trouble getting the transmitter up and working. Also the TV displays that it is broadcast in 720p, which is High Def, though not as great as 1080i.

    You and Jeff should get your butts over here and play some more Battlefront. It is pretty sweet on it.

  3. maxx says:

    Yeah, I can second that opinion. Battlefront II -does- kick ass on it. As has happened before, I come visit you, we play some Xbox game, then I get addicted to it and play the hell out of it. Last time it was Monopoly, this time BF2 😉

  4. Brent says:

    Yay! Well at least somethings never change. Before you moved it was Myth II. I had a blast man. I wish Jeff and Matt would have come over. It would have been cool to blast up on that stuff with several players. Esp. with you wanting to land in the other ships, because Jeff is damn good at that.

    And I looked it up, Matt was right on the HDTV.  It is Digital, but not High Def. I guess the amazing thing is the difference between just digital and analog, because it is a marked change.  I am still a little perplexed by them mentioning their HDTV transmitter when they were already broadcasting the HD signal from ABC.

  5. noneofus says:

    “If you have an HDTV set, and you want to watch WBKO in high definition, you can tune in to Channel 33, where we broadcast our HDTV signal.”

    “The last advantage of a digital signal is that it enables stations to “multicast”. This means that we can broadcast multiple stations from the same signal. That’s what we’re going to be doing with the new Fox station. It will be broadcast in the same signal as our ABC station, but the receiver will be able to separate them. I will say one downside to this at least initially is that the bandwidth prevents us from broadcasting both station in HD. For the time being, only the ABC station will provide an HD signal via the airwaves. Both stations will be broadcast with HD on Insight here in Bowling Green. Insight actually is connected to our station by a fiber link that lets them take our channel directly without going through the transmitter.”

  6. Matt says:

    Thanks. 😉 I didn’t know much about digital television for a long time, but I’ve done a little research on the subject. My tv(Toshiba 52HM84) is “HDTV Ready,” so I had to buy an HDTV digital tuner from Wal-Mart about a year ago. Then a deep fringe Channel Master antenna. Man you sure can blow some dough very quickly.

  7. Brent says:

    Yeah they really can screw you on the “HDTV Ready” crap. I made sure to get mine with the tuner already in it, so I could avoid that. I am a little skeptical on the antenna. My boss and I have both started using just regular antennas to pick up WBKO and out at Kyrock school we also have just a regular antenna that will pick it up too. I am unsure that you need a special one for it.

    I am going to flop back over on this one. I really went through the menus on the TV and checked it out and I really think that WBKO is putting their news out in a HD signal, but they have locked their cameras to a 4:3 aspect ratio. Probably because their set is small enough that if they went widescreen you could see all of it. But the signal they are putting out is definitely HD 720p, and their feed on that signal does not look upscaled from SD.

  8. Matt says:

    My bad, I don’t really watch the WBKO news; I thought it had something to do with the resolution being 720p (1280 x 720) so I was thinking widescreen, but I’m no expert.

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