Hey we got a car

P and I made our first purchase as a couple. Thought everyone might want to see some pictures

It is a . It is a pretty nice car/truck thing. Mom and have one too now, though theirs is a different .

Theirs also has a little bigger engine, but mine has leather interior.

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5 Responses to Hey we got a car

  1. Debbie says:

    Nice cars…I have an Orange HHR & love it. You and your folks should join the fastest growing HHR forum on the internet. Check out http://chevyhhr.net and tell them courthousedeb sent you.

  2. jim good says:

    congratulations on your wedding and your new car. s he is a beauty.
    oh.. your wife is too ! come join the fun on the web site . alot of important information is available and you can meet alot of nice people

  3. John Kendall says:

    Nice ride! The HHR is a nice car for young and old alike. I have nothing but good things to say about mine. I belong to an online club. I\’ve learned lots about the HHR through this site. Perhaps you may stop by an have a look.

    Again, nice ride, nice choice! Enjoy the ride!

    John alias Firewatcher

  4. BamaHHR says:

    Nice rides!

  5. Brent says:

    OK I am glad that all of you are finding you way over here from those forums. Please feel free to comment on whatever you want, but please refrain from commenting with just the \”Nice car, here is a link to a forum\” kind of thing. I get spam like that and delete it. If you just want to comment on the car that is cool, but I don\’t really need the link to the forums in every comment when it has already been posted in the other comments.

    I have edited all the above comments to avoid link farming.

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