Radio SUCKS!!!!!!

Original post from my old forum

OMG!!!!!! I cannot stand it anymore. If it wasn’t for bad rock and roll stations in BG there wouldn’t be one at all. I get so tired of flipping through my presets to here the same song on three different stations. Often times they are in the same place in the song. It is ridiculous. Sometimes they aren’t even “new” songs. I mean last week three stations had Nirvana, “Smells like Teen Spirit” on at the same time, then a fourth one played it like 10 minutes later. There is no way, without some kind of driving force four radio stations could play the same song like that. Ridiculous.

And have you heard that new Metallica song? My god how could you not have, they play it every 35 minutes. It would be different if it was good, but it sucks golf balls. Add into that they fact that they all take commercials at the same time and it makes me want to tear the radio antenna off of my car.

RIAA, and ClearChannel, bringing you the best crap that money can buy. Too bad it isn’t worth a damn as music. No wonder record sales are down.

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