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Be most you are Engrish today!

It seems like here at work we have quite a little collection of Engrish examples. Lamar brought this one in the other day and I thought I would share. Engrish Remote Manual

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Whisper during the Republican debate tonight

Did anyone else hear someone prompt Romney during the last segment? He was being ask if he would do for Social Security what Ronald Regan did in the 80’s. You can clearly hear someone off camera whisper “Raise Taxes” and … Continue reading

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You think you are relaxed at your job?

This is a picture of the first atomic bomb. In this picture there is a lot going on, but I can’t focus on most of it because all I see is the striped shirted guy lounging around. Just to be … Continue reading

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Saving the World one Bulb at a time?

No not really, but Pauline and I decided to give some of the compact fluorescent bulbs from Sam’s Club the other day. We hadn’t really looked much into it, but we had both heard about the pluses to using them … Continue reading

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The story behind “Carrots are good for your eyes”

I stumbled across this on while I was looking something else up. In summary the reason the myth about carrots being good for your eyes was started was as a way to hide the British development of RADAR. … Continue reading

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Interview with Joy Behar

Found this while I was out surfing around this weekend. You may not care much about Joy Behar, but she does have some interesting thoughts in this interview.

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Suck it Spambots!!

Man last night this journal got blasted by spambots. 530 Spam comments total. I am proud to say that none of them got through. 12 got marked as actual possible comments, but were caught for moderation because I don’t let … Continue reading

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I feel like I am taking crazy pills

Why can’t I find a bluetooth trackball? Why can’t I find a laptop style trackball? Doesn’t a laptop situation seem like a perfect place for a trackball? Lets see device that is normally used on a lap. Not a lot … Continue reading

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Deal or No Deal

God what has television deteriorated to? This is one of the most watched shows on television now and they got Howie Mandell to host it? How far has he fell?

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It is amazing what you can just find laying around

Pauline found an old test of Maxx’s in a copy machine at WKU. The test was from 1998 and she found it in 2005 Continue reading

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