House, M.D.

If you haven’t been watching this show, you should be. The season finale just wrapped up last night and it was yet another great show.

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I don’t know if this show has really gotten the press and hype that it deserves. With Desperate Housewives out there soaking up all the press and stories, I think most people have missed a much better show.

It airs on Fox and is supposed to be in reruns this summer, so if you missed it you could try to catch it then. Personally, I would recommend getting it through a more robust means. It can be a little rough due to medical proceedures, but it is always in context. The first one is the roughest because they pretty much show someone getting a emergency tracheotomy.

With all the medical shows that are on the air, you might ask why this one? Because more than any of the others it is a medical version of Sherlock Holmes, with a Holmes character that cannot be better done. It is well worth the time it takes to watch them and I would give this show the highest recommendation that I can as a must watch.

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