Random Music in this day and age?

I have been listening to a couple different, non mainstream, bands lately. The first is called Cheap Fireworks and is made up of some friends of 's. Actually looking at their site and from what Russell (the lead singer told us) it looks like they aren't playing together anymore. I downloaded their tracks off of their site and have been listening to them quite a bit.

I like their stuff. Too bad they aren't making more, I would love to hear a studio version of their version of Folsom Prision Blues. It is great. Also (and this line is just for P), it looks like Russell is going to try and make a new album and if you look at the front page and read the comments, looks like Doughty is going to help.

The other thing that I have been listening to is MC Frontalot. A self confessed Nerdcore.Hiphop Rapper. His stuff is pretty good. Some of it is really funny and a lot of it has really good lyrics too. His site also sports free downloads of his songs, so you might want to hit that up too. His site also sports some fairly funny commentary too.

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  1. Brent says:

    Favorite Cheap Fireworks songs so far:

    Devil Child
    Never Got in Late

    Favorite MC Frontalot songs so far:

    Penny Arcade Theme
    Special Delivery
    Be Your Man
    Nerdcore Hiphop

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