Who says those Biology classes were a waste?

I ran into a snake today in the yard.

Once I saw it I used my knowledge of snakes to classify it as a poisionous snake. I quickly went in a retreived a shovel from the garage. After deftly seperating the snakes head from the rest of the snake's body with only 6-10 quick strokes. Unfortunately, after stopping the wild swings I noticed that I had previously incorrectly identified the snake. It was in fact a dead snake, which I then realized was not poisionous at all. Ah, well, such is life I guess.

Perhaps I should attempt to augment my classes of snakes from “poisionous and dead” to something more accurately depicting the different types of snakes… Nah.

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5 Responses to Who says those Biology classes were a waste?

  1. maxx says:

    So line #1 renders all other lines in this entry somewhat moot. By ‘ran into’, I inferred that an automobile was used in the fearsome encounter, which would then make all other observations and activity redundant.
    The use of this essential tool has always been my preferred method of identifying wildlife (including homo sapiens) on various tracts of land within the continental 48.

  2. Brent says:

    Nah. It was at the back of my yard and I was walking looking for stumps and walked up on it.

  3. maxx says:

    Pico needs to get out there and get some work done… does he think life is all just fun and games??!! Un-believ-able!


  4. Noneofus says:

    Brent has tried to give Pico a job. I’ve heard him tell Pico, “Get the bunnies”, but I’ve never seen Pico do that job.

    The only work Pico does is wash Pauline’s face with his tongue, well occassionally he washes Linda’s, Stacey’s and mine too.

  5. Brent says:

    He was actually about 10 feet away from it. Never saw it, he might have smelled it though. As a matter of fact I think he thought he was in trouble or something when I yelled at him to get back in the house. It came out of the field that is behind my house, I would say.

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