Been working on a new project

Notice that this isn't in the geek section. That is because this project had nothing to do with computers at all. I actually spent the most part of this week up in Indiana working on 's old 56 with my uncle.

I went up there for a couple reasons really. I wanted to work on the car and my uncle has been having some troubles and has been kinda depressed. I hoped that while I was up there I could hang out and just get him feeling a little better and stuff. Over the course of the week I think I did some good and yesterday evening he actually seemed to be a lot better. He even thanked me for coming up there and stuff, which is backwards as since I should have thanked him for helping me with the car.

I did a ton of stuff to it and I am going to try to just caption the pictures in the instead of writing it all here and then anyone reading this having to figure it out. I am going to link to a couple pictures here though. The first is close to what the new wheels are going to look like. Mine shouldn't be as deep as this picture but the overall look should be the same.

Cragar Wheels

The second picture is actually of the engine firing. This is the second run of it. I wish I could have thought to get the pictures on the first fire, but oh well.

Engine firing

I had a great time and I really got a lot done on the car. It still needs to have the new paint put on it and stuff, but I really feel like I got a lot accomplished on it. I may have to look into taking another week sometime in the future so that I can help some more on it.

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