I am walking away with my tail between my legs on this one. Since last Friday I have been endeavoring to install SAMBA onto DeathstarII and having it working. Now installing SAMBA itself is not really that difficult, but getting SAMBA to work with a Windows2000 AD and understand Windows ACL control lists, now that is a completely different matter.

To start with I thought I would go ahead and get SAMBA 3.0 running on it, since it boasts AD integration and I have never really been that happy with the NT4.0 domain integration that was in the 2.2 series. Well by the end of the deal I was wishing for the integration that 2.2 had. It took forever to get 3.0 to work correctly, partially because I missed a section of the docs, partially because stuff just isn’t right in it. It is almost like the SAMBA team has left the idea of letting Linux server out files with Windows and moved on to making Linux be a PDC for a Windows domain. That seems to be their biggest goal in life now.
Once I got it to connect correctly I needed to recompile it for ACL support. Well doing that ended up not giving me ADS support. After several tries and lots of recompiles, I gave up on it. Their rpm building system is screwed up and wouldn’t produce a correct rpm (IMO).

So I dropped back to 2.2.8a only to find that I also couldn’t compile ACL support into it and that it had trouble accepting logins from different computers, depending on if they used the netbios name or the IP. So I said fuck it and am currently installing 2000 server on it. I need this to work, and I don’t have time to screw around with the samba developers while they try and get their shit together. It is no wonder people think Linux is such a joke, one of the biggest projects that we have in our camp, can’t even get it right. Grrr…….

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