I wondered how long it would take republican voters to finally get tired of the asshats in office. I opened my favorite sites today and it looks like it was a good day in that area among my friends.

Caution 's langauge can get rough.
Open Letter
Old Glory

It is nice to know that at least my friends aren't blind to the wasteful practices of these corporate pigs in office. I don't know if more of America is starting to see that they are manipulated in Election Years or not. I hope so. We as a people need more people writing stuff like that this. More people that feel they are , but also feel that these “republicans” in office aren't.

A two party political system sucks (IMO), but it is what we have, so we need to see people from both sides work to make sure that the people in office at least reflect the things that they say their party is supposed to. Both parties seem to have gotten away from that in the last few years and they need to see some fallout from that.

I really wish there were more third parties out there to run so that people would feel they were a valid party and vote some of them into office. I think anything that would shock these greedy greedy money grubbers in office into thinking they might lose their jobs if they don't try a little harder to do what we want would be a great thing.

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