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Whisper during the Republican debate tonight

Did anyone else hear someone prompt Romney during the last segment? He was being ask if he would do for Social Security what Ronald Regan did in the 80’s. You can clearly hear someone off camera whisper “Raise Taxes” and … Continue reading

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I wondered how long it would take republican voters to finally get tired of the asshats in office. I opened my favorite sites today and it looks like it was a good day in that area among my friends. Caution … Continue reading

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The end of the filibuster

Comments on the state of our democracy or lack there of. Continue reading

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The system of the faithful

Original thread in my old forum Here it comes, it is getting closer and closer. That’s right election time is wadling it way towards us. Moving fat and cumbersome on its weakening legs. I wonder how much longer it will … Continue reading

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