Conclusive Proof that Bill O’Reilly lies

Man, O'Reilly is just an ass and the fact that his ego is so vast that he cannot even admit that he got this wrong is scary. I wonder if he is really this big of a cock or if it is just an act like Colbert.

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2 Responses to Conclusive Proof that Bill O’Reilly lies

  1. maxx says:

    I think the -saddest- part about this is that ANYONE expects Bill O’Reilly to have a clue about history (or indeed, anything at all). Why should he? He’s not a scholar, he’s not cited for his publications (which are little more than invective), he’s not called upon to testify to Congress or the Supreme Court.

    All of these talk show hosts and political pundits are cut from the same cloth – they use the time segment available to them to fire off prepared soundbites, and hope that their prepared statements dwarf the opponents ability to respond in real time.

    And this is symptomatic of the shift in journalism – print journalism with its citations and fact checking and editors is (or should be) far superior to TV personalities who do live shows with no system of checks or balances. Used to be you’d read an article and they’d cite experts in the field and you had some assurance that the story wasn’t pure opinion. Now of course we’ve all become soundbite whores, trying to cram in the news of the world into a 30 second segue between chores, so both print and video give us the same thing – entertainment. It isn’t intended to be scholarly, it is intended to incite and spark a reaction – whether that reaction is for or against is totally immaterial.

    So who cares if O’Reilly keeps getting it wrong? Anyone that watches his show and considers him to be a serious authority on World History has already decided to agree with his platform, so it isn’t like they’re going to turn on him now. And the people that know he’s a windbag are not going to watch the show anyway.

    For the sake of full disclosure though, it should be noted that Keith Olbermann and O’Reilly are big time antagonists and have carried this battle on for a while, as you can read about in this wikipedia article on them.

  2. Brent says:

    Right so you don’t think it is wrong for FOX to go back and change the transcipts of the show to attempt to cover his ass?

    I mean in the era of YouTube that just seems dumb to me.

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