Sylvia Browne F’s up again

Sylvia Browne really screwed up on the mine thing a while ago. It was on a radio show. AFTER they came out early and said they were all alive, she said that she knew it all along. That she had seen them all being ok. When later they came out and said that all of them but one were dead, she changed her tune and said that she had seen them all along as not making it. As a matter of fact she actually said that she didn’t see any of them making it. So even when she had the information about how many they got out, she STILL got it wrong, because one of them did make it.

Now on the Montel Show (which is her own little talk show any more), she did this:

So Montel even tries to help her out, by reminding her that the guy died in the towers and there was no chance he drown. Then she tries to say that the guy drown in a puddle. I wish the lady in the audience had walked up there and slapped her in the face.


Ugh… I wrote this yesterday and I thought I was done with it, but I was looking at this video again and I just can’t believe this lady. Look at her. Look at her nails and her face and how she is just wallowing around like a whale. How can people adore this bloated slob?

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4 Responses to Sylvia Browne F’s up again

  1. Matt says:

    I have nothing nice to say about her, so I won’t say anything at all. Err, no. I hate her. She is the lowest form of life. I wish a horrible death on her. She’s an attention wh*** trying to make herself part of everyone’s world.

    You can buy several of her books at Wal-Mart, but not a single book by James Randi, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, or Sam Harris. It scares me that this liar has an audience is so much larger than any of the respectable people I have just mentioned.

  2. noneofus says:

    Most people are heavily invested in saving their ‘soul’ for eternity and will go to almost any length to maybe prove the existance of such, so they will know they have made the right choice. They grasp at any chance and want to believe, so they look at those possibilities without being objective. They hear what they want to hear, remember it and discard the rest. If a psychic hits one thing right out of 100, the public will remember that one time and recount it over and over.

    Mediums, psychics or whatever they want to call themselves prey upon the desire to ‘live forever’ as do preachers and ministers. They all take money and give hope, not much difference.

    There is no point in proving mediums, psychics, preachers or ministers wrong, the public won’t remember it, because they want hope.

  3. Matt says:

    I disagree. I think that knowledge is a very powerful tool. If people continue to put their faith in mediums, psychics, etc. then we fall back to the ideals of the Dark Ages: people rejecting mainstream sciences, the rise in religious conflicts; this is not the path that society should be making in the 21st century.

    Knowledge and reason should be the goals we seek.

  4. maxx says:

    Actually Matt, the Dark Ages and the subsequent Enlightenment prove that religious zealotry are like the cockroaches of time. They may be marginalized for long periods, but they never truly go away, and the reason they never go away is because of the point Dave made about ‘Hope springs eternal’.

    I agree that Knowledge and Reason should be paramount, but that realization is not common sense – it is something that people acquire as a result of good parenting, keeping an open mind, indulging in healthy debate, considering the opinions of others, becoming educated, and so on. And for many people, these things are not a matter of birthright; sadly, ignorance is.

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