Yet Another psychic failure

DJ posted something about this psychic predicting Jon Karr. I was on there arguing that the picture wasn't even close. You can read my comments there.

Of course now it has come out that he didn't have anything to do with it, he is just a disturbed person who wanted his 15 minutes of fame. So yet again, even if the picture was of him exactly, it is still wrong. So I wonder if the “psychic” will come out and say that they are a fraud and that is was completely wrong of them to do this.

Maybe all of the “psychics” will stop ambulance chasing and media whoring and let people get on with their lives. Ok well probably not.

Also why is the media still got a hard on for this guy? Now since they can't show him as the REAL murderer they are going “in depth” about why he would want to do this and how he knew so much about it. Even one of their expert lawyers came on GMA this morning as was like “Why are you still talking about this? There is all kinds of stuff in New Orleans that needs talked about and you are still on this?”

Everyone. He is disturbed. He wanted the attention (which you all gave him). He found out about the stuff from the books and reports that have all been written about it. It isn't that hard to figure out.

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One Response to Yet Another psychic failure

  1. maxx says:

    “Drag out this “Psychic” and make him explain how …”

    Might be difficult, since:

    “In 1998, a self proclaimed psychic named Dorothy Allison drew a sketch … Dorothy then passed away in 1999.”

    Now what would be really cool is if the psychic ‘knew’ that this really wasn’t the killer, that she would be first vindicated and then tarred-and-feathered, and chose to die rather than live to spite all the irate Brent Norris’s out there 🙂

    I’m giving you a a hard time as always. I totally agree that pyschics are full of crap and they are never called to account for their ridiculous predictions. But FWIW, most sane people pay them no heed and treat them like the fringe attention-mongering lunatics they really are.

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