Another Doctor’s visit

We went back today to have some more tests ran and to see if they could find a heartbeat for the baby. The visit started out with them telling us that they had gotten Pauline’s blood work back and that she was blood type A Positive. They also told us that the extra test for mecury that she had ask them to do came back 0%. Meaning that she didn’t have any in her blood stream.

The doctor then tried to find a heart beat, but wasn’t able to with the “crude” tool he was using. I was completely unimpressed with it. It was little more than a microphone with a amplifier on it, that he kind of just moved around on P’s stomach. We heard her heart beat a few times (which is cool too), but never the kids.

So the decided to do an ultrasound. They had P drink a bunch of water and then like ten minutes later we were in another room and she was getting an ultrasound. This was the kinda machine I was impressed with. 30 seconds into it, we were listening to a heart beat and 35 seconds into it we could see the baby. He moved around on it a little and there were a couple times were we could really see it clearly. Unfortunately, the two pictures we got apparently aren’t those times. You have to look at them with a little bit of an imagination to see it, but there they are:

Ultrasound of our new baby
Ultrasound of our new baby.

I started a new album for it and clicking either of these picture will take you there. I also uploaded two with the baby outllined for those that can’t “see” it.

They measured the baby at 44mm, which for those that are metrically challenged is around 1.73 inches. Still pretty tiny. Next appointment is Jan 3 and they opened up the due date a little. Now it is somewhere inbetween June 22 and June 27.

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  1. Travis Haynes says:

    Cool! I just stumbled on your page, we had the same experience with our baby. Boni is due sometime in August. Congratulations!

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