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Easily left out of all of this, but some would say important to the story is the list of women that have passed through my life. Pretty much anything before high school in my opinion doesn't really count as actual relationships so I will leave that out. The short versions (hopefully I will eventually add some pop-up windows for the (long versions)…

Shauna: End of Freshmen year and some of the summer. She was an extremely bad drug user, met in a math class in which she was wasted in for most of. She sat in front of me. One day I was talking to her in one of her rare “awake” moments and she was complaining about the grade she was getting in the class. I being the person that I am mouthed off that maybe she ought to try staying awake for the class. Over the next month or so she cleaned up and started asking me to do stuff. I agreed and we did. Suddenly according to everyone we were going out. I continued to be the way I always was and she stayed clean while with me. My parents where scared about her since she was about 18 and I was only 14-15, so over spring break they brought me to the and I roofed a , once school was out they shipped me back down to the farm and I stayed for about 2 weeks. During this time Shauna lost my influence and went back to doing drugs. When I got back she told me this and I told her I didn't want to be around her.

Meagan: End of Senior Year. Me meeting Meagan started out as me attempting to date one of her friends, eventually I found out that I was closer to her and as swimming season ended I decided to ask her out. It was pretty much a null relationship, as little went on. Her was devoted to the Church of God (COG) and so was she. We ended right before the end of the school year citing religious differences… She loved god and I am the devil. : )

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