Well I had an interview with a company called Afni. The position is more of a Tech Support position, but there are still more servers there that I will be running than what I have at the BioDiversity Center. The great thing is it is right here in Bowling Green. The bad thing is they don’t want to pay near what I wish I could get. Of course if I continue to stay here with the Family then I can take a pay rate of about 12K less because I won’t have to pay rent or buy as much food. Also there is the possibility that I can advance to the headquarters in Bloomington, IN. That would be the best as it is almost dead middle of all the places where I have friends and family. Anyway during the interview I was made to take a quiz about the stuff I knew about computers. I passed it with flying colors only leaving one question blank and getting all the others correct. During the interview they told me three times that I was “over-qualified” for the job. I believe that the job will be mine should I want it.

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