English Class

Well, as some of you know I am teaching my chinese work collegues an english class. I am trying very hard but there are a few things that are making it difficult/irritating.
1. they keep speaking chinese during class. If it is something that they can say easily like “your turn” they will speak english, but if it is a challenge and they aren’t sure how to say it, they just say it in Chinese. I figure this is what they need to work through so that they can learn. I spoke to Dr. Pan about this problem and suggested instituting a quarter jar – anytime they speak chinese, during class, they have to put a quarter in the jar. Dr. Pan actually came in during class today and mentioned to the chinese that it is important that they practice english. It is nice that he is getting behind me on this one.

2. poor attendance. not really much to be done about this one, but about 1/2 the class or more sometimes have to go to the power plants. I started the class when it was full, then we had a project and alot of the class was gone for two weeks then they came back. it is difficult to teach them when they are only spuratically present.

3. one of the guys has told the others twice now that it is not necessary to learn english really well. I think Dr. Pan may have asked the guy to stop saying that because he hasn’t said it for a week or more now. Also, this one guy doesn’t always do the work that I have them do in class. he just sits there. I get on him about it usually until he does something

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